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CMS-XML "Authorization Required" error message
When I try to access ChangeMan ECP, I get an "Authorization Required - This server could not verify that you are authorized to access the document requested. Either you supplied the wrong credentials (e.g., bad password), or your browser doesn't understand how to supply the credentials required." But I used ChangeMan ECP yesterday!
CMS-XML ECP cannot see applications or packages when DS user uses 'Advanced' properties
When a ChangeMan DS user uses the Advanced properties to validate user against an operating system, ECP does not display any applications or packages when successfully connected to DS server. Connection to the DS server through ECP is successful, but when searching, no applications are listed within the drop down box. No results found when searching wild cards.
CMS-XML Application Admin - Incorrect Info displayed in General Parameters
Allow Temporary Packages: ECP shows Disabled, ZMF specifies YES Concurrent Checkout : ECP shows Disabled, ZMF specifies YES Checkout to personal library: ECP shows Disabled, ZMF specifies YES
CMS-XML Create Pkg: Allows same remote site to be added more than once.
When creating a package on a ZMF DP site, adding the same site multiple times is incorrectly allowed. The package cannot be frozen bcause the JCL build job fails .
CMS-XML Global Admin - Incorrect info in General Parameters in Global Administration
Scheduler Interval if CMN: ECP blank, ZMF 001 Allow Concurrent Checkout : ECP Disabled, ZMF Yes Save to Personal & Stagd module: ECP Disabled, ZMF Yes
CMS-XML Error when clicking on link contained in email
The IP address for the ZMF main server must be specified correctly. Verify that the actual IP address is correct and that no additional characters are entered in the IP field.
CMS-XML ChangeMan ECP, e-mail notification from ChangeMan z/OS and firewalls
If you have a firewall that you must cross to notify approvers through ECP and the messages are not being received, check your SERPRINT. You may see messages like this:
CMS-XML Installing ECP 3.2.1 Maintenance Release 2 Under Windows 2003
c. Enter the names of individuals or groups to whom you want to grant access permissions in the bottom edit box. Click the Check Names button to verify the names, then click OK.

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