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CMS-XML Installing ECP 3.2.1 Maintenance Release 2 Under Windows 2003
Cannot install ChangeMan ECP 3.2.1 on a Windows 2003 machine. The " Configure Notification Agent" steps for Windows 2000 don't work (e.g. there is no Applications tab, no tabs at all).
CMS-XML DS Package Installs prematurely if last approval done in ECP
DS Package Installs prematurely if last approval done in ECP
CMS-XML Getting access denied when attempting to run the CFGagent on Windows 2000
on Windows 2000. When attepting to run the Cfgagent from the Start/Program/Serena software/ configure Notification agent, customer receives an "access denied" message. This only occurs on Windows 2000.
CMS-XML ECP connection to ZMF is lost requiring services be stopped and started
If ChangeMan ZMF is brought down and back up, the ECP communication to ZMF is lost requiring HTTP and SerConnect Services to be stopped and started to re-establish the connection. Development has been able to recreate the scenario and determine there is a problem related to having multiple Sernet communication sessions interfering with each other when simultaneous requests are being processed.
CMS-XML Issues regarding the use of the ECP WAP interface
cache miss: << http ://kraken/sercmn/phone.wml >> net request: << http://kraken/sercmn/phone.wml >> HTTP GET Request: < http://kraken/sercmn/phone.wml >
CMS-XML URL in Approval notification needs have port included
3. For "When connecting to this resource, the content should come from" choose "A redirection to a URL" 4. For "Redirect to:" enter http ://changemanecp:8080$V$Q 5. For "The client will be sent to:" select "The exact URL entered above" (other options should be unselected)
CMS-XML ZMF package fields display improperly wrapped when created/updated in ECP
When creating a new ZMF package via ECP, then viewing the ZMF package on the mainframe, the 'Package Description' and ' Installation Instruction' fields are not displayed properly. The text appears as a single wrapped line with words being split improperly and continued on the next line. This problem also happens after cloning an existing ZMF package on ECP, where the fields are formatted correctly, but after adding new text to each field, they become wrapped and words are split again.
CMS-XML Global Admin - Incorrect info in General Parameters in Global Administration
Security System: ECP blank, ZMF SAF Installation job scheduler: ECP RACF, ZMF CMN Scheduler Interval if CMN: ECP blank, ZMF 001
CMS-XML ChangeMan ECP, e-mail notification from ChangeMan z/OS and firewalls
I need to put my ChangeMan ECP server on one side of a firewall and my Mainframe (running ChangeMan for z/OS) on the other. Are there any differences in setup to accomodate this?
CMS-XML "Authorization Required" error message
This message can indicate that your ChangeMan ECP license is expired. Check the Jserv.log file (Located in the ChangeMan ECP\AppServer\logs folder in a non-custom install ). If the license is expired, the log will have a message similar to the following:
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