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CMS-XML Package search and application mnemonic
I type in my application name to search for all my packages and I get the message " No information found".
CMS-XML ECP V3.1.2 - Package Search produces incorrect results
If the Search Package function is performed specifying the Component Name search criteria, the search results are incorrect.
CMS-XML "Link a Package" list empty if only one package matches search
Select Link a Package. Fill out a DS package in "Enter Package Name " (#1). If you search for a ZMF package to link to (#2A) and there would be only one package available, the search results return empty. If there is more than one package the search displays the package list correctly.
CMS-XML Sernet Connect service takes a long time to shutdown when stop command issued
A similar issue was reported by a customer using Hyena, a third party admin tool to stop the service. When the customer used Computer Manager instead, the service stopped cleanly. There seems to be an issue of the way Hyena stops services.
CMS-XML Getting access denied when attempting to run the CFGagent on Windows 2000
3. Select the Applications tab, Select the SerConnect application, and click Properties...the SerConnect Properties dialog appears 4. Select the Security tab and select the individual "Use custom access permissions" radio buttons and the corresponding Edit button and add the "Everyone" name to the list 5. Click on Apply and OK in the SerConnect Properties dialog
CMS-XML E-mail notifications not completing when sent to an Exchange 2000 IMC server.
> <>--------PACKAGE INFORMATION----------<> Package: HADD000900 Level: Smpl Type: Pln/Prm Dept: V535 Work Request: C92155 Requestor's name : Dave Hadden Creator's userid: DHADDEN Install date: 2004/09/01 2004/07/27 12:03:05 quit
CMS-XML Installing ECP 3.2.1 Maintenance Release 2 Under Windows 2003
c. Enter the names of individuals or groups to whom you want to grant access permissions in the bottom edit box. Click the Check Names button to verify the names, then click OK.

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