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CMS-XML Approval/Rejection Comments Entered Via ECP Are Not Updating In Database
When a ChangeMan DS package is approved or rejected via ChangeMan ECP the comments are not captured in the database and therefore not available in the Package History or in the Package Notifications . However, when a package is approved via the DS Java Client, the comments are captured in the database.
CMS-XML Internal Solution DS reports check out failures after installing Microsoft Security Patch 143474
The Microsoft Security Patch 143474 can be referenced at: <;en-us;143474 ChangeMan should remain completely functional when recommended server patches, such as this security patch, is applied.
CMS-XML ChangeMan DS 5.6.0 ReadMe
· The Serena ChangeMan Installation Guide, chapter 2 "System Requirements", under "Clients", should state that if the internet browser Netscape Navigator is used, version 6.2 of that browser is required to navigate the ChangeMan DS online Help. · In the Serena ChangeMan Integrated Products Guide, chapter 14 "IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer 5.X", and in the plug-in Help , the procedure for "Installing the Application Developer Integration" should be updated to insert the following step between steps 2 and 3:
CMS-XML ChangeMan DS 5.6.1 ReadMe
... : Serena® ChangeMan ® DS -ALM- ... ... to Serenaâ ChangeManâ DS version 5. ... ... or upgrade to ChangeMan DS 5.6 ... in the Serena ChangeMan Installation Guide for ChangeMan DS 5.6, ChangeMan ALM 3.3, and ChangeMan WCM 3. ... ... are upgrading to ChangeMan DS 5.6 ... ... installing or upgrading ChangeMan DS with DB2 ... ... support for the ChangeMan DS Main Server is available in ChangeMan DS 5.6 ... ... See the Serena ChangeMan DS Command Line Interface ... Documentation for ChangeMan DS 5.6 ...
CMS-XML ChangeMan DS 5.4.0 Read Me
... (TM) ChangeMan (TM) DS 5.4 ... ... (TM) ChangeMan (TM) ... Serena ChangeMan DS and ALM before ... ... of the Serena ChangeMan DS Getting Started Guide ... ChangeMan DS Main Server on ... ... missing from the ChangeMan DS Reference Guide ChangeMan DS project or ChangeMan ALM request if both DS and ALM ... interact with a ChangeMan DS project, select ... ChangeMan DS Client directory to set ChangeMan DS as your ... interact with a ChangeMan ALM request, ... your ChangeMan ALM Client or ChangeMan DS directory to set ChangeMan ALM as your ...
CMS-XML No security on WEB client to prevent unauthenticated editing
In the WEB client, the following functions have NO security when the user has NO ChangeMan password and only a Domain password (Advanced): ... Notification Configuration ... In addition, on the other functions (Applications), ChangeMan WEB client allows me to edit/create new packages without ANY authentication.
CMS-XML Web Client login fails - You are not licensed to use this functionality...
This script should be placed in the ../ ChangeMan / DS /sql/scripts path and the user's recreated. After the file is replaced, we suggest that you create a brand new administrative user with full admin rights prior to deleting any existing users.
CMS-XML Synchronize files of same version should not prompt for Overwrite or Merge
When a developer checks out a version of a file, makes an edit and executes a synchronize with production, ChangeMan is prompting to overwrite/merge. ... Provided are several examples to help clarify the issue:
CMS-XML Application files are not installed under correct directory path.
... previous version of ChangeMan DS (i. ... ... , then all ChangeMan DS 5.4 ... ... the applications for DS into the existing ... Serena Software\ ChangeMan \ALM' ... ChangeMan \WCM' directories respectively. ... If desired to have DS on the same Serena Software directory structure, it is recommended to delete the existing version of ChangeMan DS (i.e. eChange Man 5.3.0) prior to the ChangeMan DS installation.
CMS-XML Email Notifications Appear Incorrect
In any event , it is best to double quote the FULL NAME in DS when more than two words are used (i.e. Anything other than a first and last name). By double quoting the FULL NAME, you will avoid any decisions a mail server makes with regards to how the email should be addressed on the TO line.
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