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CMS-XML Writing INI File To Alternate Location For Limited User Permission (XP or Citrix User)
This also resolves issues with Citrix clients, since this solution writes *.INI files to the registry.
CMS-XML View & Edit Permissions Not Listed In Ouput Of Command Line Utilities
View & Edit Permissions Not Listed In Ouput Of Command Line Utilities
CMS-XML POA: GUI Allows Date/Time Change, But It Ignores New Values
A package can be created with an initial date/timestamp. However, after the approvals have been made and the state changed to APR, the client allows you to modify the Installation date/time. Even though it is modified and saved , the original date/time stamp is used for the installation of the package.
CMS-XML DS572: Telnet to port 30767 against Linux/Unix agents allows creation of files
and press enter - the file /tmp/testfile get's created with write only privilege for root This has been reproduced on Redhat Linux ES4 as well as Solaris 9 running DS572
CMS-XML Audit Permission Options for CMNUSER
loading ld Delete loading records from the audit trail database. These records are treated as a result of saving a Production area on a certain host / directory.
CMS-XML UNIX communication agent file permissions not inherited from directory
Note that the last line has the comment mark removed and the parameter is set to 'zero'. Once this entry has been implemented, save the file and stop/restart the vcs_agent. The file permissions including write should be inherited.
CMS-XML User permissions not maintained for project in WSAD
When creating a ChangeMan DS project through the WSAD IDE and users are added to the authorization list , user permissions modified through the WSAD IDE are not maintained for the project in the ChangeMan DS GUI.
CMS-XML CMNPROJ - permissions not being added when creating a project
When a user is added to the authorisation list of a project from the GUI, that user is given all their permissions plus the permissions of the groups they are in. From cmnproj they only get their user permissions and not the permissions of the groups.
CMS-XML CMNPROJ - The Copyauth (-copyauth) option to copy permissions do not work
Our documentation states: '-copyauth' - The boolean option specifying to copy the authorzation list . The authorization list contains the user ID's of all DS users who are allowed to access a particular DS area
CMS-XML WSAD: Project permissions and authorizations are greyed out
Once a DS project is created thru the Explorer View of WSAD then the permissions for a group or User cannot be changed or edited. It is grayed out. Further the user or group cannot be added to authorization list thru WSAD since they are grayed out.
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