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CMS-XML Directories containing a period (.) or _ on USS render old revisions unreadable
When files are added to production area on USS that are residing in directories containing a period (.) or a _ from a Windows or Unix development area everything works fine for the last revision. When doing a view on an older revision of any files in this area the files are incorrect..
CMS-XML What to do when starting ChangeMan DS for the very first time
When you see a message dialog indicating 'there are currently no users configured', you must create an initial user. The username and password are not required for the initial login ; you only need to specify the main server host name. At this point, you should configure at least one user that has full administrative permissions.
CMS-XML Security warning received in Web client
When logging in and opening areas in Web client using MS IE, customer repeatedly receives a security warning: "The authenticity of this content cannot be verified, therefore it cannot be trusted" The message will sometimes appear more than once at a time .
CMS-XML Fix Log for version 5.7.0
____________________ Accessibility- Flash screen does not allow focus on logon window Accessibility- HostView Causes Security Problem Administration (General)- HP UX Shadow Password Files Enabled Causes Failed Validation Area Config- Users allowed to create areas using mixed host names pointing to the same path Audit Trail- "Stop Time " Does Not Display Correct Value Audit Trail- Audit Trail does not show history for a specific file.
CMS-XML Separate INI file for each user on client machine
# - this character causes the registry value to be set to the value in the Windows 3.1 .ini file when a new user logs in for the first time after setup.
CMS-XML Command Line Utility "-sd" Parameter Does Not Work
When setting up command line transfers using the scheduled date parameter (-sd or -schdldate) in the command, it transfers the files immediately.
CMS-XML LicenseReport using user with Advanced option does not work - Needs Documenting
A report is displayed stating the ChangeMan DS server name and IP address, the ChangeMan DS version and date , and the number of licensable users and Communication Agents. 4. Send the information displayed to Order Processing at when asking for a new license key.
CMS-XML Delete from Operating System does not work on CVS convert files with spaces
Users are faced with having to delete these converted (,v) files through the operating system which introduces the risk of deleting the wrong files and will add significant time to the conversion process.
CMS-XML "Merge to Production" option does not work correctly
Once tested it should be checked in. This time you will not be prompted with the merge option, but rather the file will be pending approval (if production area is pending). Upon approval the combined file is transferred to Production and deleted from QA (if QA is set as "delete from").
CMS-XML Does ChangeMan DS work with ANT
Clicking on 'Accept', expresses agreement to these terms !
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