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CMS-XML ../DS/Client/Samples folder still contains dcm examples instead of cmnxfer
../DS/Client/Samples folder still contains dcm examples instead of cmnxfer
CMS-XML Directories containing a period (.) or _ on USS render old revisions unreadable
Directories containing a period (.) or _ on USS render old revisions unreadable
CMS-XML Merge of VB projects results in new components added to branched project
Create a Visual Basic project that will be the baseline . From the baseline a maintenance branch is created. Merge the components of the branched project into baseline using the following steps:
CMS-XML Cancel Checkout From Unix Baseline To Windows Causes Error For Owner Of Area
If you try and do a cancel checkout as the userID that is the owner of an area (or a userID that is part of the groupID that is the owner of an area), you will will the following error message:
CMS-XML Prompted for a password in Remote Directory Browser
The userid and password required are Microsoft OS username and password. This user must have advanced user rights to "Log on as a Service" and "Act as part of the Operating System".
CMS-XML What type of access to area directories is needed for user IDs
* If you are using a Windows server and Windows Communication Agents, the server and Communication Agents must be started with user IDs that have rights to Act as part of the operating system and Log on as a service. The user IDs must also have read and write access to the directories that are pointed to by ChangeMan DS areas.
CMS-XML Modify installation to add CLIENT wipes out existing SERVER components
When running the Modify option on CD to install the client on this server, several main server components such as vcs_serv.exe, vcs_serv.ins, properties.srv and the entire sql directory are wiped out
CMS-XML How to: Merge Branched Project changes into Baseline Project
You are prompted to merge on conflicting components . Unchanged or identical components are transferred without dialog.
CMS-XML Application files are not installed under correct directory path.
If a product (i.e. ALM, WCM) was not previously installed on the same machine, a bundled installation will install the applications for DS into the existing eChange Man directory , but the ALM and\or WCM components will be installed into the '.\Program Files\Serena Software\ChangeMan\ALM' and\or '.\Program Files\Serena Software\ ChangeMan\WCM' directories respectively. This currently only occurs on Wintel platforms.
CMS-XML P14 (v2) - CLI error -32: file in requested status if execute as part of an area script
directory under .\unix\[YOUR PLATFORM]\odbc, to your DS server directory.
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