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CMS-XML Setting UDB/DB2 database parameters for DS installtion
Database name ... for this DB and click Next. ... 6. Click Next for " Specify the locale for this database". ... Give the tablespace name . ... 15. Select the Database node name .
CMS-XML "No history" on build - Oracle dB only.
There is a character limit on the Make name it is approximately eight (8) characters.
CMS-XML Could Not Load Wizard Specified In /wizard.inf (104)
There may be other *.jar files as well and they should all be renamed and the installation should be tried again. After the installation is successful, you can rename the *.jar files back to their original names .
CMS-XML Separate INI file for each user on client machine
If the section name specified by lpAppName does not exist as a named value or as a subkey under myfile.ini, then there will be an unnamed value (shown as < No Name >) under myfile.ini that specifies the default location in the registry where you will find the keys for the section. If there is no subkey for MyFile.ini, or if there is no entry for the section name, then look for the actual MyFile.ini on the disk and read its contents.
CMS-XML Change Area Parameters - Name, Host, Path
4. Cut and paste the script into the workspace 5. In the DB box on the upper right-hand corner, scroll to the database from where you want to execute the Store Procedure that will be created by the script.
CMS-XML Common Field Limitations
What is the maximum number of characters I can specify for: Area name , Project name , File name, Path name ?
CMS-XML Audit trial for specific file returns query for similar files
When doing an audit trial by specifying the exact file name, the history returns the exact file name and similar named files. If a speciific file name is searched, it should only return those files; not similar named files.
CMS-XML Versioning of .NET WEB projects with ChangeMan DS
(ASP.NET type, in either VB, C# or J# mode). User specifies < http://localhost/<path/ name >> as a working location for the new project. The only limitation we have seen so far, the <path/name> has to be under the default path of C:\Inetpub\wwwroot, otherwise VS.NET would not accept the project location (complaining about inaccessible UNC paths).
CMS-XML ChangeMan DS 5.4.0 Read Me
- User Import Utility: 1. If Serena ChangeMan DS is unable to connect to the NT Main Server specified in the Server Name box of the System Selection Dialog,
CMS-XML VCS NT Service will not start, receiving Error 1058
Could not start the VCS NTService service on \\<Computer Name >. Error 1058: The specified service is disabled and cannot be started. ... The specified service is disabled and cannot be started.
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