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CMS-XML Change Area Parameters - Name, Host, Path
We provide a script for MS SQL and Oracle Server databases which allows the user to update the area parameters. The scripts are attached to this solution for download AreaRename.sql for MSSQL and for Oracle database.
CMS-XML Modify installation to add CLIENT wipes out existing SERVER components
On an existing installation, running the Modify option from the CD to add components wipes out already existing components. For example, the main server and help is installed on a server , but now the client needs to be installed on this same server . When running the Modify option on CD to install the client on this server, several main server components such as vcs_serv.exe,
CMS-XML Editing Files on Unix Host Requests User Validation
Editing Files on Unix Host Requests User Validation
CMS-XML AIX Server. Merge on check-in modifies previous revision (5.6.1-P39)
AIX Server . Merge on check-in modifies previous revision (5.6.1-P39)
CMS-XML Change Man DS system Requirement - X Server for X11 display
X Server is not listed as a system requirement. Serena Web Server will not run without it.
CMS-XML How to change the Agent port other than the default
Main DS server is using the default port. Agent needs to use a different port other than the default. See Resolution tab for information on how to do this.
CMS-XML Upgrade doesn't retain configuration files for Main Server
Make a back up copy of configuration files before upgrade. Synchronize changes with new configuration files. Fix will be available in the maintenance release.
CMS-XML - File containing UTF8 characters without BOM increment version with no change
This patch introduces a new server /agent configuration file variable 'printable_chars'. It resolves the problem of showing the same file as locally modified on different hosts caused by OS character table mismatches. Initialize the variable to the list of all printable characters.
CMS-XML How will the 2007 change to U.S. Daylight Savings Time (DST) affect ChangeMan DS?
All time/date information is stored as UTC values. Those values can be converted to string representation using standard functions. All time information calculated as a " server " time and is automatically adjusted to current time zone of the client using information from OS.
CMS-XML Changing the location of /serena directory for UNIX
ChangeMan DS has support for two system variables on UNIX that allow you to install files to a location other than /serena. SERENA_HOME - points to the location of the Communication Agent/ Server installation directory. SERENA_CFG - points to the directory containing the configuration files if different from the home directory.
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