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CMS-XML Build error: "Unable to transfer file .. (The specified file was not found in system).
When user starts the Build , Assembly user does not have permission to write into the log files created in the /tmp directory by eCM agent. A Workaround: Log in as root; stop eCM agent; run "umask +w" (that will create default mask for root that allows write access); start agent; log off.
CMS-XML Does ChangeMan DS work with ANT
Java builds can be accomplished in a number of different ways like using standard make utility, custom shell scripts or Ant ( ) build environment to name a few. The latter is the most Java-friendly tool since it is written in Java and it provides great support for running Java-specific build tasks. The attached document is an example of a simple-minded Ant build procedure.
CMS-XML DS - Various Defects and Enhancements provided in this patch
4) A relative path was set incorrectly when adding checked out files under control into a new production area 5) Compile commands didn't save for projects named with a couple of words (actual for UNIX Servers only) The patch level is a pre-requirement for this patch
CMS-XML Fix Log for version 5.7.0
set environmental variable VCS_SOURCE_FILE, value is too long Build Mngmt- Drag and Drop of dependency from target on the right side panel fails Build Mngmt- "Make" Import Error - "Failed to parse make file at line 19#5" Build Mngmt- Changes in Existing PreCompile tab of Make does not save when clicking on other tab Build Mngmt- cmnmake redirecting output causes
CMS-XML Make 101
================================ Compiling a program isn't the only thing you might want to write rules for. Makefiles commonly tell how to do a few other things besides
CMS-XML PowerBuilder integration
... Separate DLLs were written for different products ... ... .0 ( build 5031) and ... sets of the libraries : the registered ... ... have a work library , which is ... shared set of libraries in its library search path. ... registered set of libraries . The shared set of libraries should be kept current by the user. ... The disadvantage to this process is that every user must share the same set of registered libraries and users should keep the shared set of libraries as current as possible to have the most accurate results as possible. PowerBuilder 7.x ( build 7017) and above
CMS-XML Sample script for AS/400
you a printout of what was saved and a completion message to let you know ... You will need to put this Source File into to a library called = QGPL ... INZTAP DEV(TAP01) NEWVOL( SAVE ) CHECK(*NO) SAVLIB LIB (*ALLUSR) DEV(TAP01) ENDOPT(*LEAVE) SAVACT(* LIB ) SAVOBJ OBJ(QHST*) LIB (QSYS) DEV(TAP01) OBJTYPE(*FILE) ENDOPT(*LEAVE) ... It compiles the CL source into an executable object and then runs that
CMS-XML Fix Log for version 5.5.0
11147 After save - file has binary characters ... 11559 Build - New line character added to environmental variables
CMS-XML ChangeMan DS 5.6.1 ReadMe
d Build directories b Build commands ... parameter for the build commands as " ... ... · You should save your configuration files ... ... validated when the build script is executed ... ... command line or save the script into ... ... . Click this link : support. ... ... your browser to save the file to ... For example, for Microsoft Internet Explorer, choose Save Target As from the context (right-click) menu, select the location for the file, and click Save . ... 1. Click this link :
CMS-XML ChangeMan DS 5.6.0 ReadMe
d Build directories b Build commands ... parameter for the build commands as " ... ... attempts overwrite previously saved configuration file backups ... ... , the previously saved configuration files * ... Do not choose to save the files after the first upgrade attempt. ... · For UNIX Communication Agents, when ValidateScriptPassword in vcs_serv.cfg is set to 1 (On), user permissions are not validated when the build script is executed. ... Workaround: Run the command directly from the command line or save the script into a .sh ... 1. Click this link :
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