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CMS-XML Server Sizing Guidelines
Organizations that take strides today to optimize network, database and file I/O performance should base their sizing decisions on information they currently hold about the uniqueness of their own organization and applications, and recommendations made by server, database and storage vendors. There are no black and white answers when it comes to determining the space specifications for the eChange Man Main Server, Database and Archives but the guidance above, tempered with organizational and application requirements , should provide an excellent starting point.
CMS-XML How much disk space is required?
How much disk space do I need for Change Man DS installation? Installation and upgrade appears to have hang when enough space is not available for extracting the jar files and or the target installation path.
CMS-XML Unix Installation Hangs
A typical Unix Main Server installation requires about 500MB available TMP space . Currently, the file is not checking for that amount and should be modified so that installation will fail immediately if that space is not available.
CMS-XML WSAD - compare function and DS main server on Unix does not highlight differences
This is a known issue when the main server is Unix and the client is on windows. The workaround is to ignore the white spaces option. But this is a workaround and not a resolution.
CMS-XML WSAD compare function on UNIX main server does not highlight differences
By default, WSAD takes white spaces into consideration during compare. If ChangeMan resides on a UNIX main server, the white spaces are viewed for files and will then indicate different during comparison. Unlike UNIX, the Wintel platform does not account for white spaces, so the entire file contents will not indicate different.
CMS-XML Failed to create transaction record in audit trail database
The error message 'Failed to create transaction record in audit trail database' may have been received because the tablespace was not properly set up as defined in the database 'before you begin' requirements . The documentation states that the datafile should have storage automatically extend datafile when full 'enabled'.
CMS-XML ChangeMan DS 5.4.0 Read Me
the note should state that the Web browser client requires a ... - Support for spaces in TMP directory name
CMS-XML Serena Web Service does not start; dies when starting
All 261 tables are required . If all tables are not present, verify that the display setting on the main server is set at the minimum requirement of 256 colors. Create a new blank database and run WebSetup.bat
CMS-XML Fix Log for version 5.7.0
... System on CLI requires usersname and password ... ... set to " mandatory ", version ... ... not finding new blank line Integrations: ... ... when Project is required produces error. ... does not accept spaces Project Config- ... ... and Text fields blank Transfer- AS ... ... unix path with spaces Transfer- Distribution ... ... transfer failure causes zero length files and incorrect entry in Audit Upgrade- Web Client groups overlaid Win32 client defined groups User/Group Config- Using blank Password with Trust Network Login and Restrict By Network Login options doesn't work User/Group Config- Configuration is hanging when ...
CMS-XML Case Sensitive Database Required.
Case Sensitive Database Required .
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