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CMS-XML DS2DIM Migration utility
DS2DIM Migration utility
CMS-XML DS Server migration from on server to another
DS Server migration from on server to another
CMS-XML Running WebUpgr.bat only flashes quickly on screen; nothing else happens.
When running WebUpgr.bat to manually invoke migration process, a DOS screen flashes quickly on the screen and then disappears; nothing else happens. Java requirement of 1.3.1 is met and display setting is at least 256 colors.
CMS-XML How to rebuild empty ChangeMan database
Here are some instructions for recreating the tables for an empty or dropped database with ChangeMan installed on Windows. This process will not migrate any data and will only rebuild the required tables for ChangeMan use. The ChangeMan application must be already installed and had no previous problems connecting to the database.
CMS-XML Upgrade from 5.4 to 5.41 but tables do not contain data
The upgrade from 5.4 to 5.41 is complete and there are no errors. But some tables do not contain any data at all. Running WebSetup.bat and WebUpgr.bat to rebuild tables and migrate data does not help.
CMS-XML Upgraded from 5.4 to 5.41 but some vcs tables are blank
Then when we checked the tables we realised that quite a few of them were blank and no data was migrated .
CMS-XML Serena Web Service does not start; dies when starting
located in ..\ChangeMan\DS\Server\Web\Setup to properly build all the tables. If existing data needs to be migrated , run WebUpgr.bat from the same directory.
CMS-XML eCMDBU.exe integration utility - eCM & eRM integration how to:
3) Run the integration utility (eCMDBU.exe ) found in the eChange Man home directory (eChange man\server\web\setup). When you double click this executable you will get a window with the title "eChange Man to Serena Web Services Database Migration Utility".
MS-EXCEL DS_5.7.2_Supported_Platform_Matrix.xls
The "Mail Svr" worksheet describes which mail server platforms are supported on which operating systems for each release. The " Migration " worksheet describes which Serena Products have a migration to Dimensions path The "Upgrade" worksheet describes which Dimesnions releases are supported for upgrade
MS-WORD Dimensions for ChangeMan DS Users
Rather than locking you into four fixed names of lifecycle stages, Dimensions allows you to define “states” in the lifecycle that map precisely to your process and your terminology. You can then define transitions between those states to map your desired process. Finally, you will define your areas, enabling you to migrate files under control to the appropriate servers for testing, deployment, etc.

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