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CMS-XML ChangeMan DS terminates with message 'exceeded max number of connections'
ChangeMan DS terminates with message 'exceeded max number of connections'
CMS-XML Communication Error -1 when transferring a large number of files on UNIX server
There you will need a more generous size of about 1.5 times the amount of your physical RAM. Therefore, if your machine has 128 MB of RAM, the minimum page file should be 192 MB for the minimum. Double that for the maximum value of 384MB.
CMS-XML Common Field Limitations
What is the maximum number of characters I can specify for: Area name, Project name, File name, Path name?
CMS-XML Fix Log for version 5.7.1
5001258 Provide the ability to create a 'read only' user that can look but not touch . 5001259 Builds crashes with mesg 'exceeded max number of connections' 5001262 Project Level Approvals Do Not Work
CMS-XML Area Rename process for DB2 (Beta Test version)
Please enter new area archive path(C:\archive) - New area archive path is C:\archive Max trans number from vcs02 is 2
CMS-XML Common Field Limitations
Area name enlarged to 50 characters. Area configuration will allow a maximum size of 45 characters - 5 characters are reserved for production sub areas (99998 possible sub areas).
CMS-XML An unmatched quote was encountered. (CIERR 9960)
Currently, descriptions should be contained to 70 characters or less. In the next release of the product, this maximum length will be increased to 255 characters.
CMS-XML Upgraded from 5.4 to 5.41 but some vcs tables are blank
Make sure that the target database created had enough space allocated. For example even if a large size is allocated make sure that the Data Files and Transaction Log files have Unrestricted File Growth selected under Maximum File Size. If due to security consideration this cannot be selected and only Restricted File Size is selected then double the size of the initial space allocated.
CMS-XML - Freeze takes unusually long time after upgrade to 5.7.2.
home_path,current_file_version, MAX (trans_number) AS trans_number FROM {oj vcs21
CMS-XML Failed to create transaction record in audit trail database
The error message 'Failed to create transaction record in audit trail database' may have been received because the tablespace was not properly set up as defined in the database 'before you begin' requirements. The documentation states that the datafile should have storage automatically extend datafile when full 'enabled'. Increment value should be '10280' and maximum size should be set to 'unlimited'.
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