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CMS-XML Name and location of UNIX database
Upon installation a /serena directory is created that contains a file vcs_ db .ins, this file contains the direct path to the eChange Man database. The filename is vcs-ux.
CMS-XML CLI - "cmnproj -actlist" lists Version '0' For files that are in sub areas
If the files attached to the project are contained in various sub-areas in the database the execution of the following command will show a version "0" for the file name . cmnproj -u:userID -ps:password -h:host -actlist -p:project -lat:nva -v However, if the files are not contained in sub-areas, then the version numbers displayed are correct
CMS-XML AIX/DB2 - error message stating that Program name XXXX not found in plan
When you try to connect to the database using DataDirect DB2 driver you might get an error message stating that “Program name XXXX not found in plan”. This is due to ODBC initial connection was done using a non DBA user as outlined in the DataDirect documentation below:
CMS-XML "No history" on build - Oracle dB only.
There is a character limit on the Make name it is approximately eight (8) characters.
CMS-XML Change Area Parameters - Name, Host, Path
4. Cut and paste the script into the workspace 5. In the DB box on the upper right-hand corner, scroll to the database from where you want to execute the Store Procedure that will be created by the script.
CMS-XML Package installation fails and deletes files when freeze name more than 50 chars
The DS 5.5.0 is installed on the NT2000 with SQL Server 2000 database . The problem happens when a user attempts to install some files with packages.
CMS-XML Database Table VCS04 Procedure Call Goes Into Indefinate Loop
Failure on attempting to retreive archive name since database table vcs04 procedure calls get into a indefinate loop.
CMS-XML ORA-12154: Failed to connect to database
Creating a Oracle data source fails with the error ORA-12154. Checking with Google it means It could not resolve the service name .
CMS-XML Case Sensitive Database Required.
We have found many problems associated with case sensitivity that are easily resolved when the meta data database choice is installed as required in the "Getting Started Guide". For examples, you will not be able to create multiple users, files, etc with the same name . Also, installing case sensitive must be enabled to get proper functionality for UNIX host and NT host with NOVELL mapped drives.
CMS-XML Setting UDB/DB2 database parameters for DS installtion
2. Fill in the following information and click Next: Database name Alias
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