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CMS-XML ed.exe process causing 100% CPU usage
ed.exe process causing 100% CPU usage
CMS-XML How to limit a memory usage of Serena Web Server?
How to limit a memory usage of Serena Web Server?
CMS-XML Builds on OS390 USS failing
CEE5213S The signal SIGPIPE was received. FSUM5013 Usage : su ý-s¨ ýuserid¨ CEE5213S The signal SIGPIPE was received.
CMS-XML CVS conversion For Windows Server using DS convert utility
1. Make sure CVS is visible in the command line. CD to the directory where cvs is installed and do 'CVS'. This will show all CVS usage
CMS-XML eChange Man Command Line Interface Options
short full environment description -? -help Show usage format -h -host DCMHOST Server Host/IP address [-h:]
CMS-XML Failed to transfer file xxx version 1.1 to Development Area
For Example if RCS or CVS is installed on a Windows box then at a DOS prompt type in RCS or CVS. This should show the usage . Then make sure that that 'CO'(checkout) operation is available.
CMS-XML bintransforce settings do not work on USS
The examples given in the vcs_serv files is incorrect and shows the usage of comma as separator. The correct separator to use is semi colon. With that the settings are honoured correctly.
CMS-XML How will the 2007 change to U.S. Daylight Savings Time (DST) affect ChangeMan DS?
2) strftime is more flexible to generate strings, currently is the only place for this function is to generate license usage report.
CMS-XML Problem with build user id when running makes in eChange Man
I think the only way which this could be resolved would be to set up a temp file with all the commands in it, and then run "su someuser -c tempfile" . (performing an "su -" command generates a usage message on USS, I think env vars are in RACF profile). Could this be looked into ?
MS-WORD Dimensions for ChangeMan DS Users
Full-featured web client – allowing many of your users to utilize the tool without the need for a client-side installation. Tool administration via Administration Console web client – simplifying admin tasks, and providing separate interfaces for tool usage and tool configuration. Integrated request management – simplifying the “package-oriented approach”, and providing additional coverage within your application lifecycle management.

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