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CMS-XML POA: Cannot Remove Approver Group
Using the web client, if you setup an approval group and add users and groups to this approval group and add then add this approval group to an application and you create a package and then move the package through the various stages of the approval process and then it finally gets installed, you are not allowed to remove an approver user / group from the approval group as a message comes up and says, "Approver Has Approval Assignment".
CMS-XML '-delmember parameter on cmnuser with -aeg does not remove user from group
'-delmember parameter on cmnuser with -aeg does not remove user from group
MS-WORD Dimensions for ChangeMan DS Users
You can toggle between User and Group maintenance by clicking on the drop-down control, as shown in the following two screen shots: By editing a group , you can add users to or remove users from the group , through the use of the arrow controls in the screen shot below, along with the selection of the appropriate user names.
CMS-XML Unable to delete users
Trying to delete userid and receiveing message 'vuser32: Unable to update user information: web view selection is required either on group or user level'
CMS-XML CLI: cmnarea Does Not Remove The Group From Authorization List
CLI: cmnarea does not remove the userid/groupid from the authorization list of a production area if the sagent where the production area resides is not started.
CMS-XML Problem with adding to an authorization or approval list
On more than one occasion when more than one individual or group is added to either an authorization or approval list, sometimes the capabilities or access does not take effect. It is then necessary to remove the individual or group , add it back in and then the capabilities or access takes effect. The problem is not consistent; however, it happens more often than not when I'm adding multiple users to a security group.
CMS-XML Permissions needed to remove file(s) from Souce Control
2. Most importantly make sure that under the 'Audit Permissions Tab' under Users / Groups the 'Loading' Transaction is also selected. This is because removing from DS control also means to remove from the audit trail. Thus the user/group has to have permissions to remove from loading.
CMS-XML Fix Log for version 5.7.0
of failed package tries to remove non-frozen files POA- Unable to use SendDirect Server API" error message during package rollback POA- Audit history of Approvals for deleted users is not maintained POA- Post-Installation Scripts fails when Installation area is on Unix POA- Adding a group , automatically adds it to all existing applications.
CMS-XML Area and project-level permissions are not reset when global permissions are changed
To reset the permissions for the user or group in the Authorization List to the global settings, simply delete them from the Authorization List and re- add them. ----------------------- For project-level authorization/permissions:
CMS-XML POA - Package Approval Hangs if a Group is deleted
POA - Package Approval Hangs if a Group is deleted
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