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CMS-XML Java2 version 1.3 required - Cannot run the install program from the CD on UNIX Server
Trying to use the JAVA from the CD-ROM. It fails.
CMS-XML Java Mis-Match (Database Template Setup Is Not Complete)
If there are multiple versions of java (i.e. 1.3.1x & 1.4.1x) on a DS Main Server, and you attempt to perform an upgrade from a previous version of DS to 5.7.1, you may encounter a message during the upgrade that states the following:
CMS-XML Problem accessing DS Web Client or ALM Java Client
After upgrading to 5.5.0 from a previous version on Windows with an Oracle database, unable to access the DS web client or ALM Java client. Previous version had no problems accessing thru the web client and able to login to ALM. With upgraded release, cannot login thru web client. Login page appears but entering valid username and password displays page cannot be found.
CMS-XML DS Java Client: Clicking on 'Exit' button on Serena toolbar gives error
There is no area 'trans_from_id' and it happens on all Java clients using any userid's. Customer Java version is 1.3.1_01 Screen shot enclosed.
CMS-XML Area Rename process for DB2 (Beta Test version)
3. Open a 'DOS prompt' and CD to the directory 4. To run the Java executable: java -jar arearename.jar
CMS-XML Blank Passwords Do Not Work In Java/Web Client
The module(s) or patch is supplied in isolation from the currently released product version or maintenance level to correct a software error. There is no guarantee that this correction will be compatible with your current level of software or system environment. SERENA DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, RELATED TO THE MODULE(S) OR PATCH, ITS USE OR ANY INABILITY TO USE IT, AND THE RESULTS OF ITS USE.
CMS-XML Fix Log for version 5.7.0
violated Other- Agents on SunOs produce defunct processes Permissions- End User Default does not grant view on project components Permissions- Group permissions are ntot recognized for ChangeMan ECP user restricted login POA- Not Able To View Large Installation Package History On Java & Web Clients POA- Incorrect Syntax in Installation scripts results in POA go into IFL state POA- Approval Comment Should Be Included In Email POA- Backout
CMS-XML How to verify the JRE or JDK directory path that is being referenced.
1. At the command prompt, verify that JRE (or JDK) is installed by executing the command 'java -version'. The Java version of JRE (or JDK ) used will be returned.
CMS-XML Visual Age Java IDE and eChange Man
Second, there are a few things you should be aware of in the IDE. We provide the information to the interface but VA Java does not display the status of the code in version 2.0 or 3.0. This is a limitation on IBM's use of the SCC API.
CMS-XML Build receiving error: /ecm/build/2955: syntax error at line 8;`$' unexpected
For ChangeMan DS 5.5.0, the make uses Shell Scripts and the variable with parenthesis are not correctly read by the Shell Scripts. The resolution is to remove the parenthesis from the compile statement. Using the above example, the new compile statement would be "$JAVAPATH/javac -classpath $ECM_CLASS *. java "
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