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CMS-XML DCM or Command Line does not work when DS users have Advanced option enabled
When a ChangeMan DS user has the Advanced option enabled to validate against another operating system, the DCM or Command Line Utility commands are not accepted and the error 'bad login -12' is received. If the Advanced Option is enabled, then the script requires using the additional alternate parameters for host, username and password in addition to the regular host, username and password If the Advanced Option is not enabled, then simply using the regular host username and password in the script will execute successfully.
CMS-XML LicenseReport using user with Advanced option does not work - Needs Documenting
Further information was documented in the Installation Overview letter shipped with the product. It states: License keys for Serena ChangeMan DS 5.6.0 are now issued based on specific quantities of users and
CMS-XML VUSER32: Unable to update user information; web view selection is required either on group or user level.
Attempting to edit/change permissions on existing users after an upgrade to 5.4.1 results in the following error message: VUSER32: Unable to update user information; web view selection is required either on group or user level.
CMS-XML Writing INI File To Alternate Location For Limited User Permission (XP or Citrix User)
Since XP users with ‘limited user ’ permissions do not have access to windows directory, DS .INI files cannot be created under windows directory. This issue can be resolved by redirecting all the information to the registry instead of .INI file.
CMS-XML Second Check Out allowed when option not enabled
When ChangeMan is set up not to allow second check out and two different users execute a check out at the exact same time, a second check out will execute. This only occurs when the check out is executed at precisely the same time. The check out for both users is successful and with no errors.
CMS-XML Add to DS control option should be greyed out for empty directories
Present functionality is we do not support adding empty directories to DS control. But then the 'Add to DS control' option should be grayed out for empty directories because it misleads the user that you can add empty directories.
CMS-XML Tandem Integration Agent needs to start with Super.Super user.
Start agent with no root option . Use command './vcs_agent -server <server> -noroot' where <server> is the IP address of the main ChangeMan DS server.
CMS-XML Error #12 - Your User\Group profile does not allow Login
Make sure that you have the permissions to execute the Command Line Interface. Confim at the Group/ User level that the Command Line option is selected under the Client Menu.
CMS-XML NT local drive security options
Have the CMNDS agent/server running with a username/password on the NT network. Please provide the Advanced User Rights required. Then DENY this user all rights on the C drive and all non authorized users.
CMS-XML CMNPROJ - The Copyauth (-copyauth) option to copy permissions do not work
Our documentation states: '-copyauth' - The boolean option specifying to copy the authorzation list. The authorization list contains the user ID's of all DS users who are allowed to access a particular DS area
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