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CMS-XML Ports listed in Admin Guide are incorrect.
Page 278 in the troubleshooting section states: Why can’t I access areas or servers through a firewall?
CMS-XML TCP/IP port list in Troubleshooting appendix of Administrator Guide
The lists of ports provided in the answer to the "Why can’t I access areas or servers through a firewall?" question is incorrect.
CMS-XML Mail Server Troubleshooting
1. From the DS main Server open a DOS session and do 'telnet mailserver 25' where mailserver is the name of the email server and 25 is the port that is used. 2. This will show the SMTP server that is being used and the prompt will flicker with 'OK' sign
CMS-XML How to change the Agent port other than the default
Here is the steps to do assuming that the DS main Server is on Windows and Agent is on Unix
CMS-XML Error Mesg - Connection to destination host cannot be established
---------------------------------------------------- 2. Check to see DNS name resolution is taking place by doing a 'telnet thru port 30767' for example from a Windows prompt 'telnet wh01371 30767' where wh01371 is the host name
TEXT readme.txt
4. Copy contents of the .\Server directory to your DS server directory. 5. Modify "[DS Directory]\ Server \web\ Server \bin\properties.srv" to connect MS SQL through the WebLogic driver due to example: ----- driver = weblogic.jdbc.mssqlserver4.Driver db_url = jdbc:weblogic:mssqlserver4:[HostName]:[ Port ]?db=[DBName]
MS-WORD Dimensions for ChangeMan DS Users
http://Dimensions- server -name: port /adminconsole or via a start-menu shortcut following Dimensions client installation, and requires appropriate permissions in order to access it. Defining Users and Groups
CMS-XML Serena Web Server Stops after Starting
Check the Properties.srv file in the \Server\Web\Server\bin directory. Make sure the dbname (database name) matches the name of the database. To confirm the name of the database, Go to Start\Programs\Microsoft SQL Server\Enterprise Manager\databases.
CMS-XML Java Mis-Match (Database Template Setup Is Not Complete)
If there are multiple versions of java (i.e. 1.3.1x & 1.4.1x) on a DS Main Server , and you attempt to perform an upgrade from a previous version of DS to 5.7.1, you may encounter a message during the upgrade that states the following:
CMS-XML Starting Server Services
Starting Server Services
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