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CMS-XML MPE - Failed to Validate License with DiamondCM
'Failed to validate license with DiamondCM Trying to validate license locally... Fatal Error: Invalid DiamondCM Code.
CMS-XML 'MPE file transfer failed' message received on attempt to checkout files initially
Telnet to HP3K machine; logon as MANAGER.SYS and execute; Press F1. Check the LOCAL HP 3000 node name and verify that this is the same hostname used in eCM.
CMS-XML Internal Solution DS reports check out failures after installing Microsoft Security Patch 143474
file types. At times, some files will check out and sometimes they will not. The error reported in the main server debug session is as follows:
CMS-XML Failed To Validate User Login When Creating USS Area
#### Validate user of the Remote Directory Browser #### Default: 1 (on); Supported on Main Server and Communication Agent #ValidateRemoteUser=1
CMS-XML Failed to create sub area for area
When configuring production area with Search Tree, make sure that the area name is no longer than 8 characters. If area name is longer than 8 characters, eCM will not be able to create sub-area for new files and the following error message will appear: 'Failed to create sub area for area ... file ... #5006'.
CMS-XML Delete Operation Failed(POSIX) error
When Trying to Check In a file that has been checked out it gives an error "Delete Operation Failed (POSIX) error"
CMS-XML AS400 File Fails To Transfer Error
If you get the following error message when trying to checkout a file from one AS400 box to Another AS400 box, check the resolution below:
CMS-XML Cannot checkout files from CA machine
Trying to reroute around bad host: hostname TRq FAILURE : -200 Connection to the destination host cannot be established Error message from debug log
CMS-XML Failed to create transaction record in audit trail database
Make sure that the database is properly set up as defined in the Installation Guide. The error message 'Failed to create transaction record in audit trail database' may have been received because the tablespace was not properly set up as defined in the database 'before you begin' requirements. The documentation states that the datafile should have storage automatically extend datafile when full 'enabled'.
CMS-XML Unable to validate user on OS/390 USS
ChangeMan DS does not validate passwords for user when adding an area on OS/390 USS. When using the remote directory browser, it appears that the agent does not have the permission to check security, so a message ' Failed to validate user login' is received. The agent is being started with an operator account so it is a zero account which is as close to root as you get on USS.
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