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CMS-XML Problem Exporting and Importing Make Files
Problem Exporting and Importing Make Files
CMS-XML "Make" Import Error - "Failed to parse make file at line 19#5"
When importing an exported make file, the error message 'Failed to parse make file at line 19#5' is received. The actual line number will vary depending on the actual make file, but the general message is always the same.
CMS-XML VAJava 3.5 does not show visual information when checking out file.
In order for the information to display after check out, it is important to set the 'generate meta data method' check box to enabled. This is found under Window --> Options, select Visual Composition, then select Code Generation. Enabling this option will allow you to export as .java files and maintain the visual information by generating a getBuilderData() method.
CMS-XML RCS/CVS error - Unable to transfer file to Development area
1. Check to make sure RCS is installed by doing 'which rcs' 2. If the comm agent is running under root then 'which rcs' should show the path where RCS is installed or export the path to point to RCS location
CMS-XML Message file not found
export PATH=$PATH:/Path you want to add export ORACLE_HOME=/Your Oracle Home $1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7 $8 $9
CMS-XML How to change default /tmp for CMNDS agent
export TMPDIR=/usr/local/tmp ./vcs_serv
CMS-XML Visual Age Java IDE and eChange Man
These changes are only saved back into the Production at checkin. A work around is to use the export utility with VA Java. This will allow the development area to reflect saved changes with the VA Java workarea without having to do a checkin.
CMS-XML Problem with build user id when running makes in eChange Man
export LOGNAME=someuser you get the message LOGNAME: readonly variable
CMS-XML Fix Log for version 5.5.0
11529 Licensing issue using Oracle repository 11555 DS make unable to export or make when there is large number of targets 11558 Form Designer unable to access forms without Object designer license.
CMS-XML eCMDBU.exe integration utility - eCM & eRM integration how to:
With the same name "eChange Man -> Serena Web Services Database Migration Utility". Click on export . After you click on export, you might get some errors with references to duplicate keys.
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