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CMS-XML CRCupgrade utility used on UDB/DB2 database gives errors
CRCupgrade utility SQL is invalid for execution on UDB database and gives errors ' INVALID SQL FOR UDB DATABASE'.
3. Deadlock issue when approving a project 4. Changeman DS query execution info ****************************** ADDITIONAL NOTES ********************************
CMS-XML CLI - "cmnproj -actlist" lists Version '0' For files that are in sub areas
If the files attached to the project are contained in various sub-areas in the database the execution of the following command will show a version "0" for the file name. cmnproj -u:userID -ps:password -h:host -actlist -p:project -lat:nva -v However, if the files are not contained in sub-areas, then the version numbers displayed are correct
CMS-XML POA - Post-Installation Scripts failes when Installation area is on Unix
The baseline area is on a Windows platform. When the package gets installed the history entry details the post installation execution results shows that the script adds CTRL-M characters (^M). The exact error message is enclosed.
CMS-XML DS Announcement of DS Patch for Project enhancements
DEF150747: Deadlock issue when approving a project L3R149234: Changeman DS query execution info Instructions on applying this patch:
CMS-XML Communication Error -1 when transferring a large number of files on an AIX server
This situation occurs because the server ran out of address space for the Data segment, causing an abort signal to be issued when attempting to malloc() for a "new" declaration. The solution is to add a line in the execution script of the server (if one exists), or just to bump up the ulimit as follows: ulimit -d value
CMS-XML Implementation Script Executes Only Once When Pending Set
Pending area script execution executes only once for all file transfers. pending_script_projonly=1 Pending area script execution executes for every file transfer.
CMS-XML Message file not found
export ORACLE_HOME=/Your Oracle Home $1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7 $8 $9 ****This script should contain all environmental variables that need to be set for proper execution of your compilation.
CMS-XML Date selection of Scheduled transfers not functioning as Locales set to US date format
We found the only way to get the transfer to execute was to physically overtyupe the date field and change it to 11/07/02. When you do this it correctly recognises the execution date and executes as desired.. The Locales are set to English (UK)
CMS-XML How to verify the JRE or JDK directory path that is being referenced.
This should match what is seen by the execution of the previous command (java -version) in step 1.
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