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CMS-XML How to verify the version of the ChangeMan database
When multiple ChangeMan databases are present or upgrading an existing database , how can a user verify the version of the current ChangeMan database ?
CMS-XML How to Kill multiple Database Agents/Process from running
When running open link to connect to echangeman to an Oracle database it leaves open hundreds of processess running even thought eChangeMan users have logged out
CMS-XML When database is down and connecting from remote client, DS hangs with no errors
When the database is down (for some odd reason) and a user tries connecting from a remote ChangeMan DS client, the application hangs and reports no error. The process must be ended to stop the hanging. An error or time out should occur when connecting from a remote ChangeMan DS client and the database is down.
CMS-XML Case Sensitive Database Required.
We have found many problems associated with case sensitivity that are easily resolved when the meta data database choice is installed as required in the "Getting Started Guide". For examples, you will not be able to create multiple users , files, etc with the same name. Also, installing case sensitive must be enabled to get proper functionality for UNIX host and NT host with NOVELL mapped drives.
CMS-XML Log files grow exponentially even when there is no activity in SQL 2000 database
SQL 2K server - The log files are growing by 100 mb /hour even when there is no ecm activity taking place. See attachment for the trace file that was requested by R&D and attached by user .
CMS-XML KM-DS5.6.1: Database moved to another server and areas cannot be seen
, or by using “Add Datafiles” in Oracle Enterprise Manager. If you check and found that TEMP tablespace already has data files, check the default temporary tablespace for all users and your database and set the default temporary tablespace to a valid temporarary tablespace.
CMS-XML Setting UDB/DB2 database parameters for DS installtion
14. Verify the the user for this database has access to the create tablespace.
MS-WORD Dimensions for ChangeMan DS Users
Integrated lifecycle management, including configurable lifecycles for all object types, such as the files under control – allowing for “closed-loop” change and configuration management. Robust configuration management for both software and hardware configurations, including a configuration management database (CMDB) supporting relationships between configuration items – enabling you to manage configurations beyond just the application software components. Management of both baselines and releases – extending the reach and adding additional flexibility to the projects and frozen releases you use today
CMS-XML vcs_document and vcs_schedule crash after Hot Backup of Oracle DB
Customer has found that sporadically the vcs_document and the vcs_schedule binaries crash directly after the hot back up of the DB has finished. This happens with no users being actively connected do DS. Previous versions of DS did not experience these problems when performing the hot backup of the oracle DB.
CMS-XML New Database Indexes for Performance Enhancements
New Database Indexes for Performance Enhancements
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