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CMS-XML Error #12 - Your User\Group profile does not allow Login
Receiving Error #12 when executing Comand Line Interface . The full message is " Your user\group profile does not allow login from this type of client. Please contact your System Administrator for further information."
CMS-XML eCMN - IDE Integration with VB and saving problem
Set up some VB projects so that they use the SCC Interface to integrate with eCM. The problem which the customer is experiencing is that anytime you open up a VB project under eCM control, you are asked if
CMS-XML Fixing web server connection problems - for eRM and eCM
The web client interface generates the error message “ Server Message - unknown Exception” when you try to login.
CMS-XML Visual Age Java IDE and eChange Man
Second, there are a few things you should be aware of in the IDE. We provide the information to the interface but VA Java does not display the status of the code in version 2.0 or 3.0. This is a limitation on IBM's use of the SCC API.
CMS-XML UNIX automated startup/shutdown
nohup cmnds/instllationpath/web/Server/ & *** is a java script and requires that the DISPLAY be set to a X11 interface to start, but by running with the nohup option it should run in the background. The Communication agent:
CMS-XML PowerBuilder integration
PowerBuilder 5.02 introduced native interface DLLs for different version control tools like Objectcycle, PVCS, MKS, Endeavor, etc. Separate DLLs were written for different products, even though the basic concept was the same, because each product had its own way of doing version control.
MS-WORD Dimensions for ChangeMan DS Users
Full-featured web client – allowing many of your users to utilize the tool without the need for a client-side installation. Tool administration via Administration Console web client – simplifying admin tasks, and providing separate interfaces for tool usage and tool configuration. Integrated request management – simplifying the “package-oriented approach”, and providing additional coverage within your application lifecycle management.
CMS-XML Fix Log for version 5.7.0
Integrations: WSAD- Incorrect synchronisation during classpath changes Integrations: WSAD- Inefficient SQL when browsing history in WSAD interface Integrations: WSAD- Freeze having a single quote (') in the name causes oracle error Integrations: WSAD- Enablement of Commit Merge action in the sycnhronize view Integrations: WSAD- Issue with retrieving deleted files in WSAD Integrations: WSAD- Out password for WSAD client doesn't work Integrations

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