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CMS-XML DS 5.6: Archive Cleanup fails to recognise and delete cerrtain file versions
If the archive cleanup is setup to only keep 100 versions of the file. However, every time the archive clean up runs, it states that there are no files to delete.
CMS-XML How to change default /tmp for CMNDS agent
There is no such parameter on UNIX. By default it is /tmp and with space limitation causes a problem if not periodically cleaned . How can we change the this location
CMS-XML ChangeMan DS 5.7.2: Eclipse integration with RSA 7
3. Execute RSA with "- clean " key (can also be done by changing shortcut's properties or by starting eclipse.exe from command line)
CMS-XML Fix Log for version 5.5.0
11429 Guest user not being able to print reports 11438 Installation does not clean -up previous data when finished. 11528 Patch to use ALM customization with Oracle
CMS-XML Make 101
about each target in one place. Rules for Cleaning the Directory ================================
CMS-XML Fix Log for version DS 5.7.2
5002817 Windows XP Running As "Limited User" Rights Gets Error Message For Diff 5002818 Archive Cleanup fails to recognise and delete cerrtain file versions 5002834 Ability To Save TimeStamp Of File Within A Frozen Release
CMS-XML Fix Log for version 5.6.0
12901 Automatically create relative path based upon Production Areas 12231 Application Core Dumps on Archive Cleanup 12235 When doing approvals - getting 'Requested user is not in the signoff list'
TEXT readme.txt
feature and plugins are properly extracted under directories listed in step 1. 5. Launch the IDE and answer "Yes" to confirm configuration changes if prompted. UNINSTALLER INFORMATION: If, at a later time, uninstaller is run to remove Serena plugins it will not remove some directories installed by this patch, manual cleanup is recommended prior to installing any new versions of the product. IMPORTANT NOTE: This patch adds a new preference of Serena ChangeMan DS plugins - "Suppress second checkout prompt on background checkout".
CMS-XML ChangeMan DS 5.6.0 ReadMe
· The area archive cleanup doesn’t work correctly if a valid existing directory is not specified for the log file. · The User Import utility option Ignore all behaves the same as Ignore when importing users. · For UNIX Communication Agents, when ValidateScriptPassword in vcs_serv.cfg is set to 1 (On), user permissions are not validated when the build script is executed.

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