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CMS-XML Access denied message when connecting to eclipse.
If you configure a user, selecing "restrict by network login " property. If you try to connect, using the ChangeMan DS Windows client (5.7.2), you can logon to the ChangeMan DS client, but if we try to connect from the Eclipse environment (3.1), you get the following error message: "Access denied".
CMS-XML WSAD: Passwords Starting With "z" Receives Access Denied Message
When trying to login to ChangeMan DS via the WSAD IDE and your password contains a "z" in the first character, you receive an " Access denied" error message. This appears to occur with WSAD 5.0 & 5.1
CMS-XML Problems validating login when trying to create areas for domain authenications
The answer: For domain authentication , the security policies are dictated by the DOMAIN server. Thus, any changes to LOCAL policies on the server will be immediately (or very shortly) be overwritten by the domain server. This results in "Act as part of the operating system" disappear, because of atempts to override a domain controlled policy.
CMS-XML Problem accessing DS Web Client or ALM Java Client
Previous version had no problems accessing thru the web client and able to login to ALM. With upgraded release, cannot login thru web client. Login page appears but entering valid username and password displays page cannot be found. After entering valid username and password on ALM Java client, message returns stating cannot connect and to check if Serena Change Management Server is alive and running.
CMS-XML Web Client login fails - You are not licensed to use this functionality...
Server message: You are not licensed to use this functionality. If you would like to continue, please contact Serena Software, Inc. or an authorized distributor to obtain a license. ( access to entry form).
CMS-XML What type of access to area directories is needed for user IDs
* If you are using a Windows server and Windows Communication Agents, the server and Communication Agents must be started with user IDs that have rights to Act as part of the operating system and Log on as a service. The user IDs must also have read and write access to the directories that are pointed to by ChangeMan DS areas.
CMS-XML NT 2000/MS SQL vcs_serv.exe unable to log on start error
The account that the service is configured to log on under is not authorized to access the SQL Server. Add the Local System Account (or account of your choice with proper system policies) to the SQL Server data base ACL.
CMS-XML No security on WEB client to prevent unauthenticated editing
The user can still access the above nodes and edit. If the user is not authenticated , then the user should not be granted access .
CMS-XML CLI : User Validation not taking place.
If the user has "Trust Network Login" checked in the user configuration, then the password is not checked. The login is authenticated by the network login and not the ChangeMan DS user login . If "Trust Network Login" is enabled for the user then you would get the results as above.
CMS-XML Fix Log for version 5.7.0
WSAD- Failing to load a large project from Eclipse 2.1 into CMDS repository Integrations: WSAD- Passwords starting with "z" receives access denied message upon log in to WSAD client. Integrations: WSAD- Permissions not honored when file is removed from source control Integrations: WSAD- Performing Synchronize Location when Project is required produces error. Integrations: WSAD- Inconsistency of Team -> Merge operation Integrations: WSAD- Expanding areas and projects takes longer then should.
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