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CMS-XML Merging components in WSAD 5.0
to get "Latest From Repository " option - only "Delete Local" during merge.
CMS-XML Fix Log for version 5.7.0
Integrations: WSAD- Inconsistency of Team -> Merge operation Integrations: WSAD- Expanding areas and projects takes longer then should. Integrations: WSAD- Label decorators could be incorrect on the start up of WSAD client Integrations: WSAD- Incorrect behavior of Team -> Merge -> Latest From Repository operation Integrations: WSAD- WSAD compare shows difference when the components are identical Integrations: WSAD- Incorrect status shown in file properties after file is deleted from local workspace Integrations: WSAD- File tree on branched file shows that the
CMS-XML Fix Log for version 5.5.0
10047 Can not Transfer on HP3000 Areas ... 10579 unable to view attachments in requests in eRM 2.5. ... 11529 Licensing issue using Oracle repository 11555 DS make unable to export or make when there is large number of targets 11558 Form Designer unable to access forms without Object designer license. ... 11563 Web client - DS only user cannot delete an application or package. ... 11597 Packages don't get installed ... 11752 During package install, DS should take components from Production
CMS-XML ChangeMan DS 5.6.0 ReadMe
... , that user cannot log in using ... ... the user still cannot log in using ... ... synchronization with the repository , if the ... Except as permitted by such license, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of SERENA Software, Inc.
CMS-XML WEB CLIENT - Error in eRequest-eChangeMan integration - can't execute Action for Selected Component(s)
When using the eCM web client you are getting the error [Error in eRequest-eChangeMan integration - can’t execute Action for Selected Component (s)] from the eCM web client. This happens after right clicking on a file and trying to use a function like edit or file tree from the pop-menu.
CMS-XML CLI: CMNPROJ displays error 'unable to get release information' when trying to update file
DS receives an error message when trying to update a file version in a frozen release: "Unable to get release info". This only occurs when the file is part of a sub-area.
CMS-XML We get an error 'An error has occured creating this view' when trying to open the Serena Explorer View in WSAD5
or Error: Unable to create part : Serena Changeman Explorer
CMS-XML RAD - Synchronize with repository gives error 'Internal Error'
When trying to 'Synchronize with repository ' gets error ' Internal Error'
CMS-XML Local Status of component not displaying when viewing with 98 client
I have attached screen shot of customer's screen shot in ALM. Not able to reproduce them because we do not have a 98 client. I have had the customer refresh screens, areas, log out of the client and log back in.
CMS-XML Existing file gets deleted during file distibution to EU area
Fixed as part of DS5.7.1
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