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CMS-XML Separate INI file for each user on client machine
This mapping is likely if an application modifies system-component initialization files, such as Control.ini, System.ini, and Winfile.ini. In these cases , the GetPrivateProfileString function retrieves information from the registry, not from the initialization file; the change in the storage location has no effect on the function's behavior.
CMS-XML When logging into IE WEB interface nothing happens
2) The Duplex setting may be set to 'Half-Duplex' or 'Auto Detect'. If this is the case , try changing the duplex setting to 'Full-Duplex'. From within the 'Control Panel', double click on the Networking icon.
CMS-XML Login incorrect when Restrict by Network Login used.
For example, an ID is set up in DS with lower case letters that is eight characters long (i.e. username). The LAN allows for mixed upper or lower case letters (i.e. UserName) and will allow successfully login since the LAN does not care what case the ID was entered. The user can enter their ID on the LAN using mixed upper and lower case letters or even change the case for each login (i.e. username, USERNAME, UserName, etc.).
CMS-XML PowerBuilder integration
The reason for having a second set is because in the case where a developer is going to be testing his code changes by running his application, what PowerBuilder will do in this circumstance is lock all the objects so that no changes occur on the objects while the application is running. This will not allow project development process to continue.
CMS-XML Area Rename process for DB2 (Beta Test version)
5. The output from the arearename.jar is written to a script called area_update_prod.sql (see below). This name is dependant on the name of the area being changed in this case prod.
CMS-XML How to know If CRCUpgrade utility has completed
To get the number of file versions that have not been upgraded, you can execute the follwowing query select count(*) from vcs02 where (trans_checksum = 0 or trans_checksum IS NULL) and trans_type in ('i', 'L', 'm', 'b') and trans_status = 'C' To check if the area was upgraded, you can execute the following query (just substitute MYAREA with real area name, and remember that it's case -sensitive):
CMS-XML - Freeze takes unusually long time after upgrade to 5.7.2.
The index ‘trn_file_hme_key’ (‘IXvcs021083’ for DB2) of ‘vcs02’ is extended with three fields at the end: ‘trans_type’, ‘trans_status’, ‘trans_file_version’. It will prevent Bookmark seek and/or Filtering of data in many cases (Freeze, Remove from control, navigation with 'Show Modified Status', etc.).
CMS-XML Message file not found
This is usually caused by a component whose path is defined using an environmental variable. Change Man DS for this version and prior executes each command in a separate shell . Therefore, any environmental variables set in a command line do not carry over to the next command.
CMS-XML Documentation of Recovery from Disaster
First you will want to restore the most recent backup of your database. In the case of Serena Change Man DS Main Server Software restoring the directory structure from the most recent backup will work.
CMS-XML Target area does not exist would you like to create it?
This happens when the area is created using upper case on the hostname. A change request has been submitted in the meantime please recreate the target area using lower case letters in the hostname field.
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