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CMS-XML Error '-113 Move file operation failed. [prod area]' during Check-In
1. Make sure that there is enough disk space in the Production area 2. Make sure that there is an Archive Path 3. Make sure that the Archive Path is pointing to the correct valid path
MS-WORD Dimensions for ChangeMan DS Users
Users’ roles are a key feature of Dimensions. Basically, they dictate ownership of objects during the development lifecycle, defining who can transition those objects to the next state of the lifecycle, or modify or view the object, based on the current state. Objects include things such as requests, projects, items (typically files ), and baselines of an application or product .
TEXT readme.txt
feature and plugins are properly extracted under directories listed in step 1. 5. Launch the IDE and answer "Yes" to confirm configuration changes if prompted. UNINSTALLER INFORMATION : If, at a later time, uninstaller is run to remove Serena plugins it will not remove some directories installed by this patch, manual cleanup is recommended prior to installing any new versions of the product . IMPORTANT NOTE: This patch adds a new preference of Serena ChangeMan DS plugins - "Suppress second checkout prompt on background checkout".
CMS-XML Dim10: Command Line Guide missing details about PEND option for the XPCD command
CMS-XML eCM unable to parse data because of unacceptable character
When attempting to import a make using the 'Sysinfo' product , eCM failed with an error message indicating that it was unable to parse data .
CMS-XML ChangeMan DS 5.6.0 ReadMe
· The ChangeMan DS 5.6 integration with WebSphere Studio Application Developer 5.0 and 5.1 supports the new TeamTrack integration through VersionBridge. TeamTrack VersionBridge for ChangeMan DS information for all supported clients is documented in the Serena TeamTrack VersionBridge for Serena ChangeMan DS Guide. The chapter in the Serena ChangeMan Integrated Products Guide and the online Help provided with the ChangeMan DS plug-in do not include the TeamTrack integration details .
CMS-XML LicenseReport using user with Advanced option does not work - Needs Documenting
Further information was documented in the Installation Overview letter shipped with the product . It states: License keys for Serena ChangeMan DS 5.6.0 are now issued based on specific quantities of users and
CMS-XML Fix Log for version DS 5.7.2
... work with NT Challenge Response ... additional slash for directory path ... 5002796 ChangeMan creating files in var/ ... 5002803 File can't be put ... 5002805 All File Date Stamps On A Prod To Prod Area Promotion Are ... 5002806 File (s) ... ... release Make dependency file is incorrect version ... and delete cerrtain file versions ... Save TimeStamp Of File Within A Frozen ... ... Timestamp Of Production File When Executing A ... 5002842 File tampering flag set ... files when adding to ... ... Projects: Attaching files from drag- ... set the relative path ... error 'move file operation failed' ... ... -Adding Target Files Causes Properties To ... 5002857 CMNAUDIT lists wrong information for the "Source Area" and "Target Area"
CMS-XML ChangeMan DS 5.6.1 ReadMe
Contents of this README ... · General Information § Product Integrations General Information ... Interface Guide for detailed documentation on the ... Return to Contents ... provided on your product installation CD and ... ... are maintained between product releases in Documentation ... ... ChangeMan DS Integrated Products Guide. ... ChangeMan DS Integrated Products Guide doesn’t state ... ... installation script and directory name changes. b Original Path h Modified Path ... d Original Relative Path j Modified Relative Path ... contains the following information : d Build directories p Path Return to Contents ... fails after the files are copied. The following files are backed up ...
CMS-XML Manually Installing eChange Man on UNIX machine
... a /serena directory directly off of ... ... create the two files listed below into /serena directory . This file will contain the path to the installation directory This file will contain the ... ... exec.ins file which contains product installation directory path ... sure that the path ends with a ... ... license.ins file which contains product license key code ... the eChange Man Product CD-ROM ... ... “UNIX” directory choose the folder for your version ... file to the / ... ... all of the contents from the ODBC directory (on the ... ) to the directory path name you described ...
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