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CMS-XML Area/Path/Archive Path Rename Script
In the event that a user needs to rename an Area Name, Area Path, or Area Archive Path, they can use the attached script to do so for either their Oracle, MS SQL, or DB2 database. These scripts are provided to help in this effort, but are still considered "beta" and have not gone through a vigorous QA cycle. It is recommended that they be tested out thoroughly prior to their use and a full backup of the database be done prior to any of these scripts running.
CMS-XML Archive Is Not Properly Created For Files With Non-usascii7 Characters (5.6.1-P11)
If you have any corrupt archives please email referencing this solution. Correcting will require database updates and the previous version being recovered from your filesystem backups .
CMS-XML vcs_document and vcs_schedule crash after Hot Backup of Oracle DB
vcs_document and vcs_schedule crash after Hot Backup of Oracle DB
CMS-XML Sample script for AS/400
Here is the CL source code for a typical AS/400 system backup job. We will called this source member = SCRPTSTCL. It backs up everything on your system except the operating system, gives
CMS-XML Disable recording of distribution records - P4
For some jobs it would be great to have something like a command line interface for the Audit Trail. I'm thinking e.g. of automatic Deletion of halted distribution transfer records after some weeks, or eventually some backup mechanism for checked out files in the Development Areas.
CMS-XML Documentation of Recovery from Disaster
Perform a full database backup according to vendor recommendation. You should do a full backup of the Change Man DS Main Server and all other machines housing source code Production and EndUser Areas.
CMS-XML JBuilder Intergration - When looking at mapped projects in JBuilder all options are greyed out so cannot add to control.
this can be caused if the Jbuilder backup directory is pointing to the same as the source. This is because DS automatically excludes all files in JBuilder project's backup and output directories from all source control operations. Ensure that backup and output directories are in seperate directories.
CMS-XML eCMDBU.exe integration utility - eCM & eRM integration how to:
3) You are running Microsoft SQL. Before getting started, you should have a good backup of your databases. And, a plan to be able to roll back in case you run into any type of problems.
CMS-XML Creating Emergency Approvers for Areas
To create a backup or secondary signoff group for Group 1, select Group 1 on the Sign-off tab for the area, then click Properties. On the Signoff Properties dialog, select OR, and enter a password as shown.
CMS-XML DS Server migration from on server to another
1. Get a new license key If the IP address or CPUID changes. 2. Make a full backup of the database 3. Be prepared to rollback to the original Server
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