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CMS-XML Approvers getting project notification and email for each file in the project
********* INSTRUCTION FOR APPLYING PATCH ********** 1. Shut down DS server . 2. Exit from Change Man DS clients or development IDEs
CMS-XML Email Notifications Appear Incorrect
Depending on the type of mail server used for ChangeMan DS, different results are seen. Each mail server can be configured to modify an email notification. For example, the name displayed on the TO line of an email can either be gathered from the FULL NAME value on a DS user, or a mail server can display the TO name of what it thinks the FULL NAME of the user that is associated with the email address is.
CMS-XML E-mail notifications
If SMTP is not enabled on the host which is running eCM, email notifications will not be sent.
CMS-XML Mail Server Troubleshooting
We support SMTP email servers. But sometimes even with using SMTP protocol no notifications take place
CMS-XML POA - Getting Email Notifications
file. Please note to uncomment these and the web server service needs to be started. 1. server.mail.hello:
CMS-XML Email Notifications For Packages Are Incorrect
The symptoms "USING THE FULL NAME" for the TO line is a correct assumption. The issue was that the particular mail server used was not parsing the FULL NAME correctly. Therefore, by putting the FULL NAME in quotes, caused the name on the TO line to display correct.
CMS-XML Email Notifications For POA & Non-POA Should Be Treated The Same
Using non-POA to send email notifications causes only the userID that the email is being sent to to appear on the "TO" line. Because of the difference in behavior, it can cause problems when too many email addresses appear on the "TO line". It can cause some mail servers to garble the message header.
CMS-XML vcs_serv.ins: missing FileTamperControl variable documentation
The whole functionality is controlled by a config file variable FileTamperControl = 0|1 for the server and "Show Modified Status" flag on the client (which only disables the display of the detectin, not the detection itself). ... Currently no email notifications or reports are implemented to assist in detecting tampered files.
CMS-XML How to know If CRCUpgrade utility has completed
In general, if CRCUpgrade is completed successfully, it notifies the user that it did. ... ChangeMan DS server /agent does the same when the new file version is created, i.e. the file is about to be added to DS control or checked in).
CMS-XML No security on WEB client to prevent unauthenticated editing
Notification Configuration ... The user can still access the above nodes and edit.
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