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CMS-XML There is no documentation for upgrading license key
There is no documentation for upgrading license key
CMS-XML -Error -'Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'vcs24' running Impl script' -Error -'Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'vcs24' running Impl script'
CMS-XML How to Determine HostID or IP Address
I need to supply my UNIX HostID or Windows IP address in order to receive a new license key for eChange Man.
CMS-XML Licensing Report for 5.6.0
Our license key procedures have changed with this release. The license keys for ChangeMan DS 5.6.0 and ChangeMan WCM 3.3.0 are now issued based on specific quantities of Users, Communication Agents, and Main Servers.
CMS-XML Getting license not valid when running on HP3000
HP3000 comm agent says to get a permanent license key even though the license has not expired and is valid. :RUN;info=""
CMS-XML Error : Failed to update the system registry when ChangeMan Diff is executed
A warning message ‘Failed to update the system registry, please try using REGEDIT’ is displayed when ChangeMan Diff is executed and the user does not have write permission to registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Classes
CMS-XML Failed To Validate User Login When Creating USS Area
By default, the configuration file prompts a user to key in a valid USS userid/password when selecting the ". . ." for the path on a USS agent when trying to create a new area. Once the user keys in the correct & valid userid/password for the USS box, they receive a message saying, "Failed to validate user login".
CMS-XML Approval Screen Has No Data Under Description Field
When approving transactions, the approval screen has the field "Description" however, it is blank. This should contain the description that you just keyed in on the transfer window.
CMS-XML A Merge Screen Appears For Every File In A Promote
If you try to do a promote to production from a dev area to a production area (different than the baseline production area), for the first developer the attempt to do this works successfully. However, for every other developer that tries the same functionality, a merge screen appears and prompts the user to key in something (interactive, automatic, overwrite, etc.).
CMS-XML 5.4.1 to 5.5.0 upgrade on Oracle
The attached SQL script should be ran prior against the ChangeMan DS 5.4.1 ORACLE database prior to attempting an upgrade to ChangeMan DS 5.5.0. If the script is not ran you will receive the following error during the upgrade process: ORA-02298: cannot validate (CHG_MAN.FK__TREENODE__PARENT__11D4A34F) - parent keys not found
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