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CMS-XML Failed To Validate User Login When Creating USS Area
By default, the configuration file prompts a user to key in a valid USS userid / password when selecting the ". . ." for the path on a USS agent when trying to create a new area. Once the user keys in the correct & valid userid/password for the USS box, they receive a message saying, "Failed to validate user login".
CMS-XML Prompted for a password in Remote Directory Browser
The userid and password required are Microsoft OS username and password . This user must have advanced user rights to " Log on as a Service" and "Act as part of the Operating System". ... Edit the file and set these options to 0. Remember you must remove the # sign to uncomment the line and stop and restart the eCM process: ... #### User name for validation of Remote Directory Browser under Windows 95 ... #### Password for validation of Remote Directory Browser under Windows 95
CMS-XML Blank Passwords Do Not Work In Java/Web Client
Instead of passing a <NULL> value, it is leaving the password blank and a login will fail . You could just set this value to <NULL> in the database, but the problem is that when any administrative function is done a userID even if no changes are saved, the space instead of <NULL> gets updated again. Therefore, this trigger looks for a blank in the 1st column of the password and if it see a blank, it will insert a <NULL> in its place.
CMS-XML Using DCM - Getting Server/Client Version Conflict and Bad Login. #-12
2. The host used by the dcm command should always be the Serverhost/IP address followed by the username and password . For eg a typical dcm command to login would be: dcm-h:hostname -u: username -ps:pwd
CMS-XML Fix Log for version 5.7.0
... allow focus on logon window Accessibility- ... HP UX Shadow Password Files Enabled Causes Failed Validation Area Config ... Trail- " Stop Time" ... make -> Failed to allocate memory ... Mngmt- " Failed to allocate memory ... ... right side panel fails Build Mngmt- ... Error - " Failed to parse make ... ... code if transfer fails -32 ' ... -#12 Bad Login " CLI- ... ... is not checking for a release CLI- cmnproj command is not working when attaching a file to a frozen release CLI- cmnxfer - list file format [
CMS-XML Fix Log for version 5.7.1
... functionality with no password ... 5001237 DS Merge failure dialog contains bad grammar ... merge to development fails since worddiff cannot ... ... not show additional login switches ... to why it failed ... " when updating frozen release with file ... ... 5001268 CLI - Frozen release name gets ... ... _make process hanging ... Make Procedure in frozen release gets truncated ... ... 'Can't find frozen release' ... WSAD: Copying frozen release To Local ... ... 5001299 CRCUpgrade - Fails with message ' ... 5001306 CLI - User validation does not take place If user has 'Trust Network Login ' ... 5001311 DS Java Client - Changing a users password returns error ... 5001321 POA - Package Approval Hangs If DS Group is deleted
CMS-XML Fix Log for version DS 5.7.2
5002733 Admin UserIDs Experience Intermittent Poor Performance During Login ... 5002816 Frozen release Make dependency file is incorrect version ... 5002818 Archive Cleanup fails to recognise and delete cerrtain file versions 5002834 Ability To Save TimeStamp Of File Within A Frozen Release ... 5002851 Error : Failed to update the system registry when ChangeMan Diff is executed ... 5002854 Receive error 'move file operation failed ' when area names hava a "/" 5002855 Sorting by Version in Frozen Release attachments is incorrect if >10
CMS-XML DCM or Command Line does not work when DS users have Advanced option enabled
When a ChangeMan DS user has the Advanced option enabled to validate against another operating system, the DCM or Command Line Utility commands are not accepted and the error ' bad login -12' is received. If the Advanced Option is enabled, then the script requires using the additional alternate parameters for host, username and password in addition to the regular host, username and password If the Advanced Option is not enabled, then simply using the regular host username and password in the script will execute successfully.
CMS-XML Writing INI File To Alternate Location For Limited User Permission (XP or Citrix User)
... SERENA as the password and click OK ... ... > with the user name for which the ... Use the File Open dialog to go to the Documents and Settings\< username > folder, where < username > is the account you wish to modify. ... Any name can be used say User's logon name. ... A warning message ‘ Failed to update the system registry, please try using REGEDIT’ is displayed when ChangeMan Diff is executed. This is due to lack of write permission to registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Classes.
CMS-XML Login to Web client gets Server Mesg: Login Failed
This is because the passwords are not in Synch in DS and Web client. 1. Log into ALM client with CHCAdmin/serena login 2. Select a user and edit the password
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