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CMS-XML Internal Solution DS reports check out failures after installing Microsoft Security Patch 143474
When installing Microsoft Security Patch 143474 (Restricting Information Available to Anonymous Logon Users ) on an NT 4.0 server that already houses ChangeMan DS, some check out transfers with large files fail intermittently. These files include .bat and .exp file types.
CMS-XML Login incorrect when Restrict by Network Login used.
When using the 'Restrict by Network Login ' option and a user sets up an ID in DS with all lower case letters, the LAN will allow successful login with the same ID even if mixed upper and lower case letters are used, but if the network ID doesn't match exactly the same case as what was defined in DS, then the DS login will fail . Specifying all variations of the ID is not an option.
CMS-XML Fix Log for version 5.7.0
POA- Package will not move automatically to INS state POA- Packages fail to install with large number of files POA- For "ChangeMan ECP User Restricted Login ", package remains in APR state POA- Installation scripts cannot be edited POA- Pre/Post Implemenation Scripts Randomly Do Not Execute POA- Web client freezes when creating Applications \ Packages POA- Package stuck in APR state after all approvals
CMS-XML Fix Log for version 5.7.1
... parameter - the user is not defined ... ... DS Web client users can access certain ... ... 5001237 DS Merge failure dialog contains bad ... ... merge to development fails since worddiff cannot ... ... not show additional login switches 5001257 User -Friendly Capability ... ... read only' user that can look ... ... to why it failed ... should be more user friendly for approvals ... ... POA - Package Installation history shows time ... ... Ability to prevent users from editing EU ... ... areas allows all users to see all ... ... 5001299 CRCUpgrade - Fails with message ' ... ... web server is configured to use IIS ... 5001306 CLI - User validation does not take place If user has 'Trust Network Login '
CMS-XML Fix Log for version 5.5.0
10460 Information needed to configure the ODBC layer for eCM on UNIX and Oracle. ... 11051 Error: your user /or group profile does not allow login from client on Win 95 ... 11212 Filenames containing % causes failure in Implementation script. ... 11248 RCS Conversion error: Failed to transfer file ... 11429 Guest user not being able to print reports 11438 Installation does not clean-up previous data when finished. ... 11563 Web client - DS only user cannot delete an application or package. ... 11597 Packages don't get installed ... 11752 During package install , DS should take components from Production
CMS-XML ChangeMan DS 5.6.1 ReadMe
§ Installation ... · You should install or upgrade to ... the Serena ChangeMan Installation Guide for ChangeMan ... ... If you are installing or upgrading ChangeMan ... ... on your product installation CD and is ... ... the Serena ChangeMan Installation Guide for ChangeMan ... provided with your installation . ... the addendum for installation script and directory ... ... the Serena ChangeMan Installation Guide, chapter ... ... neither created nor installed during the AS/400 installation process. ... The Serena ChangeMan Installation Guide, chapter ... ... Why can’t I log in to the ChangeMan ... ... other than the user specified in the ... be the assembly user for this command ... Installation
CMS-XML SQL server cannot authenicate 'sa' password after applying SQL Server 2000 SP3 patch
The most common errors are ' Login failed for 'sa' user ' even though the password exists and it has not changed. ... 2. Do not install SP3 at all 3. If SP3 is already installed then the only option would be to uninstall SQL server 2K and reinstall this if this errors shows up
CMS-XML Failed To Validate User Login When Creating USS Area
Failed To Validate User Login When Creating USS Area
CMS-XML Login to Web client gets Server Mesg: Login Failed
DS users able to log into the DS win 32 client. But they cannot log into the DS web client. Gives message 'Server Message: Login Failed"
CMS-XML ECP Does Not Change State To INS When "ChangeMan ECP User Restricted Login" Used
If a userID is setup in ChangeMan DS with the user license of "ChangeMan ECP User Restricted Login " and issues all freezes and approvals via the ECP Client, then the package does not change state to INS, it remains in the APR state. However, if the same operation is performed, but instead has the "ChangeMan DS Registered Seat" user license selected, then the package changes to the INS state.
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