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CMS-XML HTTP Error 500.0 - Internal Server Error
After installing SBM, the following error is displayed when launching the SBM User Workspace at HTTP://servername/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll ? Calling GetProcAddress on ISAPI filter "C:\Program Files\Serena\ SBM \Application Engine\bin\tmtrack.dll" failed This means that the tmtrack.dll was added to the list of ISAPI Filters, however, tmtrack.dll is not an ISAPI Filter; it is an ISAPI Extension and should appear under ISAPI and CGI Restrictions
CMS-XML Security Breach with HTTP
Security Breach with HTTP
CMS-XML Does ChangeMan DS work with ANT
Serena ChangeMan DS provides support for running generic build procedures on computers running ChangeMan DS agents. Java builds can be accomplished in a number of different ways like using standard make utility, custom shell scripts or Ant ( http :// ) build environment to name a few. The latter is the most Java-friendly tool since it is written in Java and it provides great support for running Java-specific build tasks.
CMS-XML 'Source Code Control' could not be loaded
According the Microsoft WebSite ( http ://;EN-US;305024 ), the following will resolve it. Please note that this fix is a Microsoft supplied resolution and not a Serena Support resolution.
CMS-XML Existing file gets deleted during file distibution to EU area
Distribution of file to EU area where the file already exists gets deleted. There are no errors or audit trail entries. This only occurs if the target file happen to be being http downloaded from the target at the time the transfer is taking place.
CMS-XML Webex: Problems joining a Webex returns Error 104
In order to resolve the issue, please advise your user to follow the below steps. Download, extract and run the WebEx services removal tool from http :// After running this above tool, please advise the user to download and install the meeting manager from the below link.
CMS-XML Are Serena products affected by the OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug?
Serena's R&D teams have determined that our products are not vulnerable to the bug. Specifically reviewed were: SBM ChangeMan ZMF and all other mainframe products
CMS-XML When creating an area on the web client, all tabs are not visible.
The JVM version can be verified running the Java Console under the View menu. Please download the latest version from http :\\ Close all open Internet Explorer windows to apply upgrade.
CMS-XML DS: How to install DS 5.7.2 against SQL Server 2005
Please click on Yes here to finish the installer. Here are the steps you need to follow after this. - download and extract the SQL Server 2005 driver from here: http ://
CMS-XML SQL server cannot authenicate 'sa' password after applying SQL Server 2000 SP3 patch
Please note that this is not a Serena problem but a problem arising after applying the SP3 patch of Microsoft. Full details of the problems with SP3 patch is available in the Microsoft web site. This link http :// also provides more information.
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