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CMS-XML Web Client login fails - You are not licensed to use this functionality...
This script should be placed in the ../ChangeMan/DS/ sql /scripts path and the user's recreated. After the file is replaced, we suggest that you create a brand new administrative user with full admin rights prior to deleting any existing users.
CMS-XML Change Area Parameters - Name, Host, Path
2. Select the Server Group 3. From the Tool bar, select Tools > SQL Server Query Analyzer 4. Cut and paste the script into the workspace
CMS-XML Large File Names Cause VSS Conversion Failures
However, it appears that this setting should not be set at all when doing VSS conversions especially when the file name is a long file name. Therefore, unselect AutoDoc and rerun the conversion. This will create the project with the correct attachments, etc. Also, prior to re-running the conversion again, the file(s) in question can be attached to the project successfully.
CMS-XML Failed to create sub area for area
When configuring production area with Search Tree, make sure that the area name is no longer than 8 characters. If area name is longer than 8 characters, eCM will not be able to create sub-area for new files and the following error message will appear: 'Failed to create sub area for area ... file ... #5006'.
CMS-XML VCS Server fails on automatic startup after a system re-boot.
The message refers to a SQL server communication error. Possible problems may be that the SQL service has not yet started or the vcs server is depending on other services to be already started. The database could also be on another machine which has not been re-started.
CMS-XML WSAD 5.0 Plugin Fails To Recognize Installed WSAD
When installing the WSAD 5.0 Plugin, the install shield fails to recognize that WSAD is installed on the users machine. It gets to step 5 of the WSAD Integration Guide (page 103), and then the screen is blank. (NOTE: the only thing this step is doing is looking for a file called .eclipseproduct in the WSAD eclipse directory.
CMS-XML Relative Path's Are Not Set On Files When Project Is Attached Via Transfer
Pending resolution from Research and Development.
CMS-XML PowerBuilder integration
PowerBuilder 7.0 (build 5031) and below Create two sets of the libraries: the registered set and the shared set. The user would have a work library, which is going to be local on his machine and will have the shared set of libraries in its library search path . The checking out and checking in of objects will be done from the registered set of libraries.
CMS-XML restarting vcs server service to sync with SQL
After stopping and restarting MSSQLSERVER service, eCM cannot connect and receives error message [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Communication link failure . The logical solution would be to stop and start vcs server service after MSSQLSERVER has been restarted. Unfortunately, this is not always appropriate and can be extremely bothersome if SQL is shut down on a daily basis.
CMS-XML Serena Web Server Stops after Starting
SQL 7/ SQL 2 k
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