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CMS-XML Error 'move file operation failed ' when area names hava a "/"
If the area names have a '/' for e .g.:- in the name (i. e . App/iramp). DS uses the concept of sub-areas which is represented as the main area name plus a number (i. e . App/iramp22). In order to store archive files for a sub area, DS attempts to create a directory with the subarea name under the archives directory.
CMS-XML Error Message When File Association Program No Longer Exists Is Incorrect
In the event a specific file association (i. e . Jbuilder is associated with the .java file extension) is pointing to a specific application that no longer exists and you are using the ChangeMan DS GUI with the "use ChangeMan Edit" disabled, you will receive an error message with the following text:
CMS-XML Error could not connect to native url jdbc:db2//hostname...
Where [IBM][JDBC Driver] CLI0616 E Error opening socket. SQLSTATE=08S01
CMS-XML cmnproj parameter change in 5.7.1 and above - some parameter values prior to 5.7.1 will cause errors
cmnproj -actdiff output fields are: e .g. cmnproj -h:<host> -u:<user> -actdiff -p1:Proj1 -p2:Proj2 -outfields:apnrvdbqoswet -v a - Original Area b - Modified Area
CMS-XML eDiff:eChangeDiff.exe - application error
Where 'n' equals a Hex number e .g. '0x5f40d798'.
CMS-XML Email Notifications Appear Incorrect
In any event, it is best to double quote the FULL NAME in DS when more than two words are used (i. e . Anything other than a first and last name). By double quoting the FULL NAME, you will avoid any decisions a mail server makes with regards to how the email should be addressed on the TO line.
CMS-XML Login incorrect when Restrict by Network Login used.
For example, an ID is set up in DS with lower case letters that is eight characters long (i. e . username). The LAN allows for mixed upper or lower case letters (i.e. UserName) and will allow successfully login since the LAN does not care what case the ID was entered. The user can enter their ID on the LAN using mixed upper and lower case letters or even change the case for each login (i.e. username, USERNAME, UserName, etc.).
CMS-XML "Make" Import Error - "Failed to parse make file at line 19#5"
THE ERROR DISAPPEARS WHEN THE SINGLE SPACE (I.E. ' ') IS ELIMINATED IN "set VCSMAKE...". If you eliminate the space (i. e . "setVCSMAKE"), the import works properly.
CMS-XML VCS_NT_Service path is incorrect in Services Panel
Change the 'ImagePath' data value to point to the valid location where 'vcs_nt_service.exe' resides (i. e . C:\Program Files\Serena Software \ChangeMan\DS\Client). This value needs to be changed in two locations:
CMS-XML VSS Conversion Utility Causes Diff/View Error Message
2. Modify the trans_archive_file column in the vcs02 table for this file and change it from "<< Not Archived >>" to "ARCHIVE PATH\FILE NAME\,MISSING VERSION NUMBER" i. e . C:\Production\Archive\FILE.txt,103
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