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CMS-XML Fix Log for version 5.7.0
... line project list statement does not follow ... ... after file is deleted from local workspace ... ... : WSAD- Conflict is shown in ... ... - only " Delete Local". ... Issue with retrieving deleted files in WSAD ... ... standard operation for delete files vs. ... ... - Server not deleting temporary vcs* ... 00001: unique constraint (SERENA. ... ... ChangeMan ECP user restricted login POA- ... ... of Approvals for deleted users is not ... ... ChangeMan ECP User Restricted Login", ... ... Mngmt- After deleting a branch, ... ... Group Config- Using blank Password with Trust Network Login and Restrict By Network Login options ...
CMS-XML Fix Log for version DS 5.7.2
5002665 DS/TT integration does not work with NT Challenge Response ... 5002817 Windows XP Running As " Limited User" Rights Gets Error Message For Diff 5002818 Archive Cleanup fails to recognise and delete cerrtain file versions
CMS-XML Some statements in the VSS conversion documentation are not consistent with the behavior
Deleted files: The documentation states that deleted files are not converted unless they are attached to a project label. The conversion does not convert deleted files at all. Having files as part of a project label doesn't change the result.
CMS-XML Deleting Rollback or Check In Record Corrupts Archive
By design of the product if "check in" or "rollback" record is deleted the previous archives will be corrupted. System administrators should limit user access to perform those operations.
CMS-XML Package installation fails and deletes files when freeze name more than 50 chars
During the package installation, the system attempts to create a pre-install freeze. ChangeMan has a 50 character limitation on the freeze name. The freeze name that ChangeMan automatically creates is a concatenation of several strings: freeze name = package name + target production area name + string pre-install.
CMS-XML No upgrade instructions for clients and Communication Agents
There are no instructions for upgrading clients and communication agents. There should be installation steps, and also some statement that along with the main server all clients and communication agents should be upgraded so there is no client/server conflicts .
CMS-XML Cannot attach parent project, receive error 'Corrupted Project Heirachy'.
1. a loop situation exists in which a project has a parent that is also a child of this project. 2. a parent project listed does not exist or does not match the correct case of the actual project. The resolution is to delete any child projects that may reference an invalid parent project.
CMS-XML Fix Log for version 5.5.0
10461 Limitation of username which is 50 characters long ... 11563 Web client - DS only user cannot delete an application or package. ... 11692 WSAD streams disappear without any one deleting them
CMS-XML Fix Log for version 5.6.0
12248 Change authorization on Project from Process Flow screen deletes attachments. ... 12005 Able to create one more objects than license limit .
CMS-XML Fix Log for version 5.4.1
10477 Cannot delete ordinal file ... 10792 To reject an approval request you must have permission to delete an approval. ... 10875 Web Client Prompts for Proxy Server even with exclude statement
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