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CMS-XML LDF or Transaction Log in SQL Server 2000 consistently grows in size and needs to be shrunk.
You must run a BACKUP LOG statement to free up space by removing the inactive portion of the log. You must run DBCC SHRINKFILE again with the desired target size until the log file shrinks to the target size. The following example demonstrates this with the pubs database and attempts to shrink the pubs_log file to 2 MB:
CMS-XML Unable to save file when trying to edit a file
Unable to save file when trying to edit a file
CMS-XML Application files are not installed under correct directory path.
When installing ChangeMan DS 5.4.1, the application files are not being written to the default '.\Program Files\Serena Software\ChangeMan\DS' directory. The default program files path was selected and no specific path was specified. The installation completed successfully and the client and server\agent are fully functional, but there is no 'ChangeMan\DS' directory.
CMS-XML OpenLink: the broker cannot resolve your request
After the vcs_serv.cfg file was configured and saved , an attempt to invoke ./vcs_schedule, ./vcs_document,
CMS-XML vcsdescription not being saved in the correct format
Special characters are not supported in the vcsdescription field. When DS stores this field it is not stored with quotation marks around the text and when it is retireved from the command line it does not display special characters i.e =,<,> to name some.
CMS-XML ValidateScriptPassword does not work for Unix Communication Agents
ValidateScriptPassword when set to 1(on) does not validate user permissions for running scripts. It will take any userid (blah1) and saves it when applied. The file transfer and the script gets executed.
CMS-XML Cannot transfer files to a target area on UNIX.
Make sure that UNIX NFS mounts are done as so in the dfstab: If you want root to be able to write , the entry should look like this: share -F nfs -o rw,root=hostingmachine -d "name" /filesystem/name
CMS-XML Cannot get the login screen to connect using Remote Admin
During the upgrade of the server, there is a client file in the winnt directory 'eChangeMan.INI' that contains a history of previous remote connections. This file does not get over written during the install of the upgrade. To resolve this problem - delete the 'eChangeMan.INI'
CMS-XML Upgrade procedures: information about saving configuration files
The following information needs to be added to the upgrade procedures: If you are upgrading, you will be prompted after the services are stopped to save your existing configuration files if they were modified from the default. NOTE: If your upgrade is interrupted and you attempt a second upgrade, do NOT save your configuration files on the secondary upgrade as your previously- saved files will be overwritten.
CMS-XML XP Clients Do Not See Mapped Drives
From an XP Client, the Remote Directory Browser cannot see the mapped drives. If you do not use the Remote Directory Browser, but rather type in the Mapped drive path, it comes up with an error that says, "Failed to access path". If you run the agent in debug mode as the same userID that is running the service, it allows you to manually type in the directory and save the area.
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