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CMS-XML DS572 : Project sort incorrect.
DS572 : Project sort incorrect.
CMS-XML - Enhancements to the area configuration screen
This patch contains the following enhancements - Area list not sorted for Project working areas. Ability to select Manage Projects instead of going thru the Sys Config menu.
CMS-XML - Various Enhancements
- Ability to select Manage Projects directly instead of going through the System Configuration menu. - Area list sorted for Project working areas. - Ability to create sub-folders under project Enhancements
CMS-XML Fix Log for version DS 5.7.2
5002847 Projects : Attaching files from drag-and-drop doesn't set the relative path ... 5002850 Maintain function screen should show 'New Project ' instead of 'New' ... 5002855 Sorting by Version in Frozen Release attachments is incorrect if >10
CMS-XML Always use the same production area/path for projects in Visual Studio.Net
1. Open the Visual Studio.Net IDE 2. Open the desired project . 3. Select Tools -> Options, the Options panel will display.
CMS-XML Enhancement: Maintain function screen should show 'New Project' instead of 'New
When performing a maintain function to a new baseline (Production) the panel comes up with a line NEW. This should be New Project.
CMS-XML Frozen Release File(s) In Promote To Production Get Added To Project Automatically
When performing a Promote To Production from a different Production Area than is associated with the project (after the second transaction is completed) the project attachments folder now contains the file(s) from the other production area. Therefore, when you freeze a release, the files from the project get releases as well as unwanted files from a different production area.
CMS-XML How to: Merge Branched Project changes into Baseline Project
Work-around: 1. Perform a checkout of "Main" or "Baseline" project to a Development or QA area. 2. Perfom a READ-ONLY checkout of "Branched" or "Maintenance" project to the same Development or QA area.
CMS-XML DS 5.7.0: .NET - MSSCCPRJ.SCC missing message when opening a solution/project
(3) Readonly checkout to a dev area (new developer different to original one who performed (2).
CMS-XML Merge of VB projects results in new components added to branched project
Also, the branched project shows as checked out when a READ-ONLY checkout was performed .
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