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CMS-XML Error connecting to Builder KB Server from Version Manager 8.1.4 Builder Integration
http://servername:58080/soap/servlet/openmakeserver Where the URL in the error has the DNS name or IP address of the KB server, the port and the / soap /servlet/openmakeserver path.
PDF Getting Started
Before using Builder , it is helpful to understand its architecture. Builder is based on a true Client/Server Architecture. ... SOAP is used as the communication layer between the browser and the Tomcat servers. ... The Knowledge Base Server stores all of the Build data collected by the Web Clients, as well as the data collected resulting from the build .
CMS-XML KM-Build6: Remote Build Error - Stopping build due to compile or link error
om -s -x -c /bscs/build/ref/dev/IF/batcharchitecture/ -ov all CFG=DEBUG There are no error messages reported after that. The following is the report that we got:
CMS-XML KM-Build6: ChangeMan Builder license has expired
This error message means that the user needs a Remote Build License in addition to his generic Build License, which is for the Build Knowledgebase server. The Build Server install, which is the Remote Build Server, should only be installed on the machine being used to execute the build if it is different from the user's local workstation.
CMS-XML Merant Build: Patch required for Installing Remote Build Server on Same Machine as Knowledge Base Server.
From the command prompt, run the Perl script: perl If the file is not placed in the correct directory, you will see an error message .
CMS-XML KM-Build6: Example files pertaining to Pre and Post Build Commands
-r "email1,email2" : comma separated list of users to email -s <sender> : sender's email address -m " message " : Message to send
PDF Serena Builder for Professional User’s Guide
If you try to execute this build job in Serena Builder , the following error message appears: The new build types automatically include subtasks such as Set Classpath and Ant Javac. This is a convenience when creating a new build job, but it means that the file extensions of some targets have changed from the previous version.
HTML Serena Builder Readme
6.1 Spaces in Build Directory Path Can Cause PCLI Error In the second case, you will see a message indicating that the bldmake VM integration completed with errors, and then a message indicating that the PCLI command banner could not be found. To fix either instance of this problem, modify the pvcsvmdmn script identified in the error message by changing the line: cd ${EXEDIR}
CMS-XML BUILD: Incorrect Calls to gcc linker
Using a single source file "Hello World" type of application that I am building with GNU on Solaris 5.9 and RedHat 9.0 linux. The build type is a "GNU Executable" for the appropriate OS.
CMS-XML KM-Build6: Build 6.3.1 error Prohibited Package Name: java.lang when building java war projects
KM- Build 6: Build 6.3.1 error Prohibited Package Name: java.lang when building java war projects
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