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CMS-XML BUILD: Necessary patch for Merant Build for Merant Professional Suite to operate with Named Licenses - IMPORTANT: This only applies ot the Merant Professional Suite.
After successfully registering and configuring your License Server to contain Merant Build Named Licenses your Merant Build "Openmake" service may not start. When attempting to start the "OpenMake" service through the Windows Services window you will see that the Service starts and immediately stops.
CMS-XML KM-Build6: ERROR 31/32: USERID does not have privilidges to the Search Path entry for and
* the problem occurs when running BLDMAKE simultanuously * the problem occurs with only 1 user for several jobs * the problem occurs with different users for the different jobs
CMS-XML SLM: Certain clients sometimes/consistently cannot connect to the License Server, especially from remote locations
The PVCS VM Administrator runs the following command to change that user's SLM server eference and the license.ini template file:
PDF Serena Builder for Professional User’s Guide
* Log Report Browser opens, but nothing displays There are several possible reasons for this: • Local builds: Command-line client is not installed • Local builds: Command-line client directory is not in the path • Remote builds: Remote build server is not running • Remote builds: Command-line client is not installed • Remote builds: Command-line client directory is not in the path The common thread in all of these is that Builder cannot find bldmake in the path.
CMS-XML Merant Build: Patch required for Installing Remote Build Server on Same Machine as Knowledge Base Server.
Merant does not recommend this procedure, as it can cause the Knowledge Base server (KB server) to run less efficiently than it would otherwise. However, the procedure will work and is preferred by some customers who have only one build machine.
MS-EXCEL slm_214_Supported_Platform_Matrix.xls
Unsupported U R&D believes the platform might not function normally and will NOT fix defects against the platform.
CMS-XML BUILD: Incorrect Calls to gcc linker
The build is successful until I add the -e option to om to get footprinting. Then, while the .fp file is created, the build fails when trying to run the ld linker.
PDF Getting Started
The Database team, who writes data access routines used by both the Navigational System and the GPS system writes the research software. The database team uses Oracle, running on a SUN server, to store all of the data and to run the research reports . A fourth team develops all of the networking and communication routines that allow the data to be transported between the hand held GPS devices the main spaceship's control console and the central computer where the database is managed.
CMS-XML Builder 6.41 Version Information
Run the following commands from a command prompt: om -v Serena ChangeMan Builder powered by Openmake(R) V6.41 Build 102506, Copyright 1995-2006
CMS-XML KM-Build8 How to use OMERRORRC variable in Builder 6.3.1
The OMERRORRC variable is meant to be used in a pre- or post-build activities, such as Perl scripts that run after a certain event during a build. The om and bldmake executables pass the variables through Perl, but the OMERRORRC variable may be available for other languages. The $OMERRORRC variable is not used in any of the Builder build scripts that are associated with specific build tasks within a Builder build.
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