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CMS-XML SLM: Certain clients sometimes/consistently cannot connect to the License Server, especially from remote locations
Version Manager on Windows ... TeamTrack / SBM ... / SBM Administrator ... Use SBM Configurator
CMS-XML Search Filters for SBM Reports and RegEX
Search Filters for SBM Reports and RegEX
CMS-XML Serena Changeman Builder 6.3.1 Patch 5 for Windows
Serena Changeman Builder 6.3.1 Patch 5 for Windows
CMS-XML Merant Build: Install Patch for Remote Build Servers
On Windows remote build servers only, you must install the mlclient_remote.dll patch in order to resolve a problem with consuming remote build server licenses. This patch should be applied only to a remote build server.
CMS-XML Dispelling the Mystery Around Builder Licensing
Builder Standard Windows only Non-Java
HTML Serena ChangeMan Builder
You might have to manually download the appropriate Plug-In from one of the links below: AIX: HP-UX: SUN/ Windows /Linux:
CMS-XML BUILD: Necessary patch for Merant Build for Merant Professional Suite to operate with Named Licenses - IMPORTANT: This only applies ot the Merant Professional Suite.
After successfully registering and configuring your License Server to contain Merant Build Named Licenses your Merant Build "Openmake" service may not start. When attempting to start the "OpenMake" service through the Windows Services window you will see that the Service starts and immediately stops.
CMS-XML The SerenaLicenseServer.log is overwritten each time the Serena License Server is restarted
Yes, the SLM server can be configured to append data to the log file instead of recreating it on (re)start. If the Serena License Server is running on Windows When running as an application, change the file
CMS-XML During Build Install on Unix get error: tnameserv -> /usr/java14/jre/bin/tnameserv not found. install.bin[42]: shift: bad number
Customer that download build from SOS are downloading a zip file. Many will unzip the file on Windows and then transfer the install.bin file to Unix.
CMS-XML KM-Build6: OMEMAIL: Mail retured HELO error (501 5.0.0 HELO requires domain address)
This is running on a remote build window's server.
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