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PDF Serena Builder for Professional User’s Guide
... Because Builder will stop looking for a ... ... 37 UNIX: Adding Setup Information to ... Create target files You This document (see "Setting Up a Build" on page 90) Add target files to Version Manager archives You Version Manager User's Guide ... On UNIX, be sure to capture the information that appears at the end of the install transcript; this needs to be added to the .profile or .cshrcfile of the account that ... See "UNIX: Adding Setup Information to Accounts" on page 38 ... 6 Set up users , groups , and privileges.
PDF Getting Started
Regardless of the development tool or the operating system used by the development group , these three components remain the same. ... In some cases, Compile flags may need to be added for unique programs. ... Additional compile flags can be added at the Target level and even at the Target's dependency level. ... A computer program that deals with the infrastructure layers should be added to a shared infrastructure Project. ... We would end up with the following Projects:
CMS-XML KM-Build6: ChangeMan Builder license has expired
This error message means that the user needs a Remote Build License in addition to his generic Build License, which is for the Build Knowledgebase server. The Build Server install, which is the Remote Build Server, should only be installed on the machine being used to execute the build if it is different from the user's local workstation.
CMS-XML How to replace invalid license keys in Serena License Manager (SLM)
Sometimes it may be necessary to replace or remove an invalid or deactivated license key in SLM. While the License Manager administration GUI provides the ability to add new keys, at this time it does not provide the ability to remove keys that have been entered previously. This document describes how to remove or replace those keys.
CMS-XML SSO/CAC can use PIV Cards in addition/instead of CAC Cards. Identity Transform
if (username == null) { log.trace("Searching for certificate subject exception:" +String(subj)); username = keys.get(String(subj)); //check for X509 subject in Cert to User } // Perform transformation otherwise if (username == null ) { subjCN = subj.getValuesByName("CN");
CMS-XML KM-Build6: Remote Build Error - Stopping build due to compile or link error
KM-Build6: Remote Build Error - Stopping build due to compile or link error
CMS-XML Web Administrator shows my process application twice
It is possible, though not probable, to see the same process app in the Web Admin multiple times. Typically, only one of these process apps will contain a project. It is possible to remove this extra solution/process app from the database backend.
CMS-XML BUILD: How to redirect license server for build (see KB 70442 for full instructions)
UPDATE: Remove "http://......" line and replace with @servername where License server is running. so it looks like:
HTML Serena Builder Readme
5.3 Solaris: Procedure in Version Manager Readme No Longer Necessary /vm/solaris/bin/vmprofile Remove the # character at the beginning of the following line (line 41):
CMS-XML Product Lifecycle and Platform Matrix
The Product Lifecycle page lists each product release, its status and the end of support date. Start at the Product Lifecycle page. Search for you product in the dropdown list.
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