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CMS-XML Error connecting to Builder KB Server from Version Manager 8.1.4 Builder Integration
This error is a result of a mismatch in the java code of the VM/Builder integration, most commonly encountered when using VM 8 .1.4 with a Builder 6.3.1 KB server. VM 8.1.4 requires that the KB Server version be 6.4.1 or 6.41.1 so an upgrade of the KB server is required
CMS-XML How To successfully build an example Java application using Builder and Version Manager
The attached files, one in a Microsoft Word document (.doc) and one in an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format, provide example source code for a HelloWorld Java application, named HelloWorld. java . The documents then give step-by-step instructions to create a build job in Builder and execute the build job through both Builder as a standalone and the Version Manager/Builder integration. Note: The example uses a Java build type which requires Builder Enterprise licensing.
CMS-XML KM-Build6: Builder Issue 6.3.1 - Openmake 7006 no output from java -jar when invoking omcmdline.jar from a perl script
Rule : when using perl scripts to invoke omcmdline.jar - the version of java is important since some versions you can use java -jar or -cp .
PDF Microsoft Word - build_a_java_code.doc
The first dialog that you will see will allow you to select which revision in the .tgt and java files to use for your Build. Select the appropriate revision in this dialog and click on the “Next >” button.
CMS-XML KM-Build6: Build 6.3.1 error Prohibited Package Name: java.lang when building java war projects
KM-Build6: Build 6.3.1 error Prohibited Package Name: java .lang when building java war projects
CMS-XML During Build Install on Unix get error: tnameserv -> /usr/java14/jre/bin/tnameserv not found. install.bin[42]: shift: bad number
During Build Install on Unix get error: tnameserv -> /usr/ java 14/ jre /bin/tnameserv not found. install.bin[42]: shift: bad number
PDF Serena Builder for Professional User’s Guide
... standalone web client from Administrator ❏ Have verified that the Knowledge Base server is up and running (use ping) ❏ Have installed a compatible version of the Java Development Kit ❏ Have set environment variables (UNIX: TMP; Windows: tmp and temp) ❏ Have installed the Java runtime client ❏ Have seen Welcome screen that indicates I have been added to user list ❏ Have set a build directory ❏ Have installed a compatible version of Perl ❏ Have installed the command-line client ❏ UNIX: Have received changes to .profile ...
MS-EXCEL slm_214_Supported_Platform_Matrix.xls
The "App Svr" worksheet describes which Application Server versions are supported The "Jva Rntm" worksheet describes which Java Runtime Environment ( JRE ) or Java Virtual Machine ( JVM ) versions are supported The "Web Bwsr" worksheet describes which web browsers are supported
HTML Serena Builder Readme
3.5 In VM Integration: Set JAVA_HOME at Start of Build Job You should do this because Version Manager installs its own Java runtime environment (JRE 1.4.2_13), and sets JAVA_HOME to point there. If your work depends on a particular JRE version , you can guarantee the usage of that version by setting this variable.
CMS-XML KM-Build6: Metalworks build is missing files.
Check the Java Jar build type to see if it has .GIF (all caps) included as a dependency extension in the Ant Jar build step. If not, add .GIF (in caps) to the dependency extension field.
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