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CMS-XML KM-Build6: OMEMAIL: Mail retured HELO error (501 5.0.0 HELO requires domain address)
Catalyst made a fix to one of our perl modules that was preventing the smtp parameter from being passed through properly in omemail. Unzip the attached zip file (renamed to .abc) to the root of the client install. The library will be correctly placed in the required sub directory.
CMS-XML KM-Build6: How to verify a license is installed and working correctly
Customer wants to know how to tell if a license key is loaded correctly and also if a license key is available.
CMS-XML BUILD: Incorrect Calls to gcc linker
Using a single source file "Hello World" type of application that I am building with GNU on Solaris 5.9 and RedHat 9.0 linux. The build type is a "GNU Executable " for the appropriate OS.
CMS-XML Builder Web Client appears to "hang" when accessing the KB Server.
For machines that do not have a connection to the World Wide Web or Internet, references from metadata on the KB server will not be resolved. This will manifest in the browser appearing to hang when loading the Builder Web Client connecting to the KB server.
CMS-XML KM-Build8 How to use OMERRORRC variable in Builder 6.3.1
The OMERRORRC variable is meant to be used in a pre- or post-build activities, such as Perl scripts that run after a certain event during a build. The om and bldmake executables pass the variables through Perl, but the OMERRORRC variable may be available for other languages. The $OMERRORRC variable is not used in any of the Builder build scripts that are associated with specific build tasks within a Builder build.
CMS-XML KM-Build6: Remote Build Error - Stopping build due to compile or link error
Using /bscs/build/ref/dev/IF/batcharchitecture// for Done loading target lists. Processing target with build type Shared Library
HTML Serena Builder Readme
3.6 In VM Integration: Delay When Selecting Serena Builder Action When you select Build from the Actions menu (or from the context menu or toolbar), there is a delay while Serena Builder loads the initial dialog box.
PDF Getting Started
In its simplest form, build scripts for each individual executable can now be generated. This capacity supports the way developers work with IDEs on a day to day basis. On a grander scale, very large system build scripts can also be generated which can accurately re-build, incrementally or completely, large systems.
PDF Serena Builder for Professional User’s Guide
executables , the command-line client creates a makefile from your build job, then executes the makefile. Normally, however, you interact with it through one of the other clients. (It is sometimes useful to call bldmake and om directly, for debugging purposes.

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