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PDF Serena Builder for Professional User’s Guide
Permissions can cause a remote build to fail. If the process running the remote build does not have permission to reach the Version Manager archive databases (PDBs) or the directories where tools such as compilers are located, the build will fail .
CMS-XML Search Filters for SBM Reports and RegEX
SBM Reports allow setting a search filter for reports. The search filter is a database LIKE
CMS-XML Builder Web Client appears to "hang" when accessing the KB Server.
For machines that do not have a connection to the World Wide Web or Internet, references from metadata on the KB server will not be resolved. This will manifest in the browser appearing to hang when loading the Builder Web Client connecting to the KB server.
CMS-XML Web Administrator shows my process application twice
It is possible, though not probable, to see the same process app in the Web Admin multiple times. Typically, only one of these process apps will contain a project. It is possible to remove this extra solution/process app from the database backend.
CMS-XML Merant Build:UNIX and Linux-Install Patch on Knowledge Base Server and on Local Build Machines
On UNIX and Linux platforms, you must install the <platform > patch in order to resolve a problem with a licensing library failure .
CMS-XML BUILD: Incorrect Calls to gcc linker
The build is successful until I add the -e option to om to get footprinting. Then, while the .fp file is created, the build fails when trying to run the ld linker.
CMS-XML KM-Build8 How to use OMERRORRC variable in Builder 6.3.1
$OMERRORRC variable is not used in any of the Builder build scripts that are associated with specific build tasks within a Builder build. In order to use $OMERRORRC, you just call a Perl script as part of a pre- or post-build activity (run with either the -bp <script name> or -ap <script name> flags), and reference the $OMERRORRC variable as part of a routine you want to execute, based on the success or failure of a build.
CMS-XML How to replace invalid license keys in Serena License Manager (SLM)
Meritage build_windows" OPTIONS=SUITE SIGN="0027 3B7B 02B2 \ 16 DB 64CD 574A FB89 DB 00 F0E6 7B1E D89E 622A 3C45 9848 A59D" INCREMENT Professional merant 8.000 permanent 1 DUP_GROUP=UH \
MS-EXCEL slm_214_Supported_Platform_Matrix.xls
Supported Database Database
HTML Serena Builder Readme
3.2 Install Fails if JAVA_HOME Not Set Properly
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