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CMS-XML getDescriptions web service does not exist
Currently none of the ARM-ZMF web services return the package description information. An updateDescription service exists but no getDescription equivalent. The getProperties service does not return the package description information, either.
CMS-XML No way to update related complex or super package information via web service
However, this only updates the information for the complex or super package and not the relevant participating package(s). Updating participating package information on the mainframe side (i.e. through standard XML Services ) is deemed a low-level or record-level, yellow service . Execution of the PACKAGE.PRT_PKGS.UPDATE for the complex or super package must be followed by execution of the PACKAGE.GEN_PRMS.UPDATE
CMS-XML IBM Unicode Services Red Alert (APAR OA48941) and Serena Software Mainframe Products
(If this link does not work for any reason simply search for APAR OA48941 on the IBM Support website.) The following Serena Software mainframe products make use of these Unicode Services and will also be affected by this issue once host systems are IPL’d on or after December 15th 2015: - the ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack, including both the ChangeMan ZDD and ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse (ZMF4ECL) products.
CMS-XML ARM-ZMF login web service insisting on secToken being supplied
When they attempt to use the login service: 1. The sectoken tag is shown as optional. It makes no logical sense to supply a sectoken in the login service as this is what the user is trying to obtain.
CMS-XML getComponents Web Service failing for packages containing new components
Attempts to use the getComponents ARM-ZMF Web Service against packages that contain new components (i.e. components that do not exist in the CMN ZMF baseline library) are failing with the following error: GetComponents Service Error.
CMS-XML Enabling and Using Self-service Provisioning and Deployment
Self-service Provisioning and Deployment Overview The default implementation of self-service provisioning and deployment, or continuous deployment, in Serena Release Manager includes an integration with Serena Request Center (SRC) which is driven by Serena Request Center. If you are using this integration, you create service requests in SRC that initiate the self- service provisioning and deployment of an environment with no manual steps. Supported environments include Amazon Cloud EZ and VMWare.
CMS-XML getComponents web service fails when package contains recompiled component
Attempts to run the ARM-ZMF getComponents web service fail with a java.lang.IllegalArgumentException when the package being queried contains a recompiled component. Relinked components do not appear to be affected by this problem.
CMS-XML ALM Connector: RestGrid using /almzmfws/services/SernetProxyHttpServer gives: Unknown error received 500
ALM Connector: RestGrid using /almzmfws/ services /SernetProxyHttpServer gives: Unknown error received 500
CMS-XML getProperties web service returns extraneous character on
getProperties web service returns extraneous character on
CMS-XML updatePartPackages web service fails
updatePartPackages web service fails
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