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CMS-XML ARM 1.2 Hotfix for ZMF 5.6.3 Compatibility
ARM 1. 2 Hotfix for ZMF 5.6.3 Compatibility
CMS-XML ARM1.2 Common Tomcat installer violates with Dimensions CM Tomcat
Application Release Manager ARM 1. 2
PDF Serena Application Release Manager Installation and Configuration Giude
The following tasks must be addressed to set up audit report storage for use by ARM. Introduction 204 Application Setup for Audit Report Libraries 207 Controlling Audit Reports by Application with Skeleton Release Variables 209 Customizing the Audit Report Batch Job 211 HTML Report Converter RPT 2 HTML 215 Installation and Configuration Guide 203
CMS-XML ZMF Hotfix to support ARM 1.1
There are 2 files attached to this Solution. 1. ZMF56203_hotfix.exe 2. $receive.doc
CMS-XML ALM Connector: RestGrid using /almzmfws/services/SernetProxyHttpServer gives: Unknown error received 500
Unknown error received from https://XXXXX/sbmproxy/xhp [url: 'http://XXXXX:8080/almzmfws/services/SernetProxyHttpServer?system=ZMF&hostName=999.999.999.999&hostPortId=999&userId=XXXXX&responseType=JSON&request=PACKAGE% 2 FGENERAL% 2 FSEARCH% 2 Fpackage%3D*% 2
CMS-XML ARM-ZMF login web service insisting on secToken being supplied
2 . In ARM 1.1 it fails with the following error: java.lang.RuntimeException: secToken cannot be null!!
CMS-XML Failed Promote returns LastMessage=Completed
ServerPortID: 1602 PromotionLevel: : 2 Parameter "LastMessage" is wrong, it should be "Failed" and the parameters "SiteName", "PromotionName" and "PromotionLevel" contain parts of the timestamp.
CMS-XML Application Release Manager Patch Release
See the latest ARM 1.1 Getting Started Guide (publication date July 2 , 2009 or later) for information on installing and configuring ARM in your environment. The documentation for ARM 1.1 can be downloaded from Serena Support, My Downloads. Please click here to access My Downloads, then select Application Release Manager.
PDF RLM HTTP Server Overview:
Chapters 1 and 2 describe various scenarios for deploying a war file to Tomcat using the Manager application. All 5 war files should be deployed using the same context name as the war file name:
PDF Serena Application Release Manager Installation and Configuration Giude
2 Retrieve the OMVS segment for the SERNET user ID. a At the TSO command line, issue the following command: LUuseridOMVS
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