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PDF RLM HTTP Server Overview:
If the Tomcat configuration has the autoDeploy attribute set to ā€˜Yā€™, simply copy the supplied war files to the Tomcat webapps folder. Tomcat will automatically unpack and deploy the war files. If autoDeploy is set to ā€˜Nā€™, the Tomcat Manager application may be used to deploy the applications individually.
PDF Serena Application Release Manager Installation and Configuration Giude
Required field values are: ... 2.Regularfile Copy ... ... SERSERVC Runtime JCL 2 Copy the sample runtime JCL module SERSERVC to your actual installation PROCLIB. ... a Copy the SERSERVI JCL sample to a work library for editing. ... SERCMD is copied to the actual REXX execution library where SERSERVC resides by the SERSERVI install job. ... During an orderly shutdown, SERSERVC copies its message log (msglog), error log (stderr), and standard output (stdout) to SYSOUT* before terminating execution.
To upload the file, first pre-allocate a sequential dataset on TSO with attributes of RECFM=FB, LRECL=80 and BLKSIZE=3120. Upload the file to your pre-allocated dataset using BINARY mode transfer. BINARY means no ASCII or CRLF, Default RECFM, and no specified LRECL or BLKSIZE.
PDF Serena Application Release Manager Installation and Configuration Giude
STAGING DATASET ATTRIBUTES : GENERIC UNIT NAME ===> (Generic group name or unit) VOLUME SERIAL ===> ZMF001 (Required if GENERIC UNIT unspecified) SPACE UNITS ===> TRK (TRK, CYL or BLK) PRIMARY QUANTITY ===> 25 (In above units) SECONDARY QUANTITY ===> 25 (In above units) DIRECTORY BLOCKS ===> 10 RECORD FORMAT ===> FB RECORD LENGTH ===> 80 BLOCK SIZE ===> 23440 DATA ...
PDF Microsoft Word - ZMF ALF Event Filters for RLM.docx
... package 64 No scratch a component 66 No rename a component 68 No copied a component 70 Yes file tailoring started 71 Yes file tailoring failed 72 Yes file tailoring completed 78 Yes Checkin to release area complete 79 Yes Retrieve from release area complete 80 Yes build a package - create 81 No Check component into release area 82 No checkout to a package 83 No potential checkout conflict 84 No stage something 85 No overlay previous module 86 No delete module from package 87 No Checkout something from release 88 No copy forward package 89 No Retrieve component ...
CMS-XML getProperties web service returns extraneous character on
When running the getProperties ARM-ZMF web service we inadvertently add a character to the returned nearestInstallDate field . Note the 'Z' in the following sample. 2009-06-24Z
CMS-XML Notification links go to the SBM view not the ALM shell view
======================================== $ FIELDS () $IF(VIEWLINK)
CMS-XML Enabling and Using Self-service Provisioning and Deployment
What Can You Change? field . This field is used to specify the user under which the task will run.

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